Tony Bellew Net Worth - How Much Does Boxing Pay?

By Juliet Smith

13th March 2020

Tony Bellew Net Worth – How Much Does Boxing Pay?

We’re looking at Tony Bellew’s net worth…

It’s no secret that there’s big money in boxing, but for every multi-millionaire, there’s hundreds of thousands of aspiring athletes who are having to work two jobs while they train for their boxing dreams.

But what about the former WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew – is he struggling for cash or is he living a lavish lifestyle? Let’s find out…

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Bellew hails from Liverpool and has earned himself a rep for his hard-hitting, aggressive style of boxing. Working his way up the ranks, the boxer turned professional in 2003 and has fought in three different weight classes over the course of his boxing career.

The infamous Everton supporter (who’s known for being brutally honest about his beloved football club) has been in the boxing business for years, but how much money has he made from it?

When Was His Pro Debut?

In 2007, Bellew made his professional boxing debut, progressing from an amateur as he fought Jamie Ambler. It took just two rounds for Bellew to win, and he went on to succeed in his next two fights with Adam Wilcox and Wayne Brooks, earning his place as a pro boxer.

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In 2010 He Became The Commonwealth Champion

Beating Atoli Moore, Bellew took the title for himself and became the Commonwealth champ at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

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2011 – He Won Two And Lost One

Although he won the British Light Heavyweight title – knocking Danny McIntosh out in the 5th round – and the WBC International belt – taking out Edison Miranda in the 9th – in 2011, Bellew lost the WBO Light Heavyweight title after fight Nathan Cleverly, who won the fight with a slim majority decision.

He Competed For The WBC Silver Title

Although he was injured in a boxing match against Roberto Bolonti, Bellew battled on for 12 rounds and bagged a win, securing the WBC Silver title in 2012.

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He Changed Career Temporarily To Acting

Venturing in unfamiliar territory, Bellew tried his hand at acting and appeared in the Rocky spin-off Creed, where he was cast as pretty Ricky, opposite Michael B Jordan.

Since the film, Bellew revealed that he thought it was a joke when he was offered the role.

The Famous David Haye Vs Tony Bellew Fight

The infamous Haye-Bellew fight was all square until the sixth round until Haye damaged his ankle, falling to the floor twice. Bellew then took over the game and knocked Haye out of the ring in the 11th round.

Although Haye managed to get back up, his trainer called for the game to be stopped and Bellew won with a Technical Knockout.


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Happy Birthday Pops!! The only reason I started fighting in the first place was just to impress you!!. I love ya Dad.. 💙

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2018: The Rematch

After his win against David Haye, Bellew was able to choose between a match with a couple of other boxers, or a rematch with Haye. Choosing to fight Haye again, it turned out that Haye hurt his arm and had no option but to withdraw from the fight.

When the rematch was rescheduled, Bellew was victorious again, knocking Haye down three times and taking the title in the fifth round.

His Announced His Retirement in 2018

He said:

“I have been doing this for 20 years, and it is over.”

When it comes to money, it’s recognised that less than 1% of fighters globally get to retire financially secure, to which Bellew commented:

“The stat blows my mind because it is so sad, and I even see former world champions coming over to the UK and begging for work. I am so lucky to be able to make every penny I’ve made work for my family.”


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Gotta keep trying!! 🏌️‍♂️ #Golf

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How Does He Spend His Retirement Money?

“I got to go skiing with my eldest son in Manchester. I’d refused to go since a trip to the Alps with my school 20 years ago, such was my fear of injury. Everything came second to boxing for all that time – from experiences to social outings – so I absolutely loved being able to do it again. I can even play five-a-side every week now too.”

He Spends Time With His Family

Bellew has been with his wife for over 20 years, after they met when they were just nine, before dating as teenagers. They are now 36 years old and have three adorable kids together: Corey, Cobey and Carter.


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Happy Valentines to me mate/wife/headcase/bird/tart/LIFE!! 💙

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And it’s clear who wears the trousers in the Bellew household…

“I fear no man but I wouldn’t f**king cross her.”

What Is His Total Net Worth?

Bellew’s net worth is an estimated £9.6 million ($13 million) accumulated over the course of his career.

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