By Cara Dudgeon

3rd March 2020

Hannah Montana – Disney Channel’s live-action Barbie doll and its very own Clark Kent (er, sort of). 

You all know the iconic “Best of Both Worlds” – if you don’t, you probably stanned Nickelodeon more than Disney. No worries, we’ll just jog your memory.

“You get the beeeeest of both worlds, chill it out take it slow, then you rock out the show, you get the beeeeest of both worlds…mix it all together and you KNOW that it’s the best of both worlds!”

*cue the applause from thousands of screaming fans*

Hannah Montana was iconic. The dual-identity thing was probably something we all related to – being a famous popstar in our dreams and waking up to realise we’re just your average, awkward teenage girl trying to get through school.

Except for Hannah, it was all real!

Hannah Montana (then)

The blonde-tressed teen star had the life everyone wanted – glitz, glamour, the whole works.

High-schooler by day…

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By day, she was a typical girl living with her single dad and brother. Nothing out of the ordinary! She faced all the trials and tribulations we all do during those early teen school years…

…girls we just can’t stand, guys we fancy, annoying family members hogging the bathroom for ages and having to pretend we don’t look like the famous singer plastered on posters everywhere

Hitmaker by night…

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By night though, Miley Stewart put on a wig and some sparkly jackets and voilá, she was a role model and inspiration to millions of little kids.

Her dual identity spawned some serious hits like “Nobody’s Perfect”, “If We Were a Movie”, and “He Could Be The One”. *cue (and fully encourage) the bops whilst reading this*

Best friends forever

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In the end, we all saw Hannah give up a chance to star in a film with Tom Cruise just so she could go to uni with her best mate. True definition of a friend right there!

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