By Emma Moylan

3rd March 2020

This television series has been on our screen since the 27th March, 2005 and since that day we have never looked back.

From episode one we were all absolutely hooked with the life of Meredith Grey and everyone around her.

Whilst this was known as a medical drama, you can quite easily place it in the ‘romantic drama’ category just as easily.

This is because there were so many different love stories going on throughout the whole of this programme. But, that didn’t mean that these actors and actresses didn’t have people at home after a long day of filming.

So, who are the current real life partners of these actors and their exes?

1. Meredith Grey – Ellen Pompeo

Ellen, who plays the role of Meredith Grey in this amazing show, is one of the highest paid television actors of all time.

She actually signed a massive $20 million annual contract late last year.

Ellen met her husband Chris Ivery back in 2003 in a grocery store.

They started dating and later got married in 2007.

Just two years later the pair gave birth to their child, Stella.

In 2014, they brought their second child into the world, Sienna, with the help of a surrogate mother.

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