Rochelle Humes' Sisters: Sophie And Lili Piper

By Amelia Slater

5th March 2020

Rochelle Humes’ Sisters: Sophie And Lili Piper

Rochelle Humes‘ sisters not only look the spitting image of their pop-star sister, but did you know Rochelle and little sister Lili were estranged for 23 years?!

The Presenter – who rose to fame in girlband The Saturdays – revealed that she had been reunited with her long-lost sister Lili thanks to 2017 Love Island winner Kem Cetinay.

Telling Giovanna Fletcher on her podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby, Rochelle admitted that she had never told anyone such personal information:

‘I’ve never told anyone this before. Two years ago, I was at our management’s Christmas Party and Love Island’s Kem was there.

‘He was chatting away and said, ‘I got to talk to you… as soon as I became a celeb I promised my friend Lili that I would talk to you as she’s your sister from your dads side.’


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Throwback to when my sisters didn’t go away without me – hurry home yous two 😅💕

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Rochelle Is Close With Youngest Sister Sophie

Rochelle’s father Mark Piper left her mum Roz Wiseman when Rochelle was just a child and it wasn’t until later in life that she was reunited with him and her other siblings.

Mark had Lili, 24, Jake, 23, and Sophie, 21, with a new partner and Rochelle developed a close bond with youngest sister Sophie in later years.


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Needed chill time

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The Saturdays singer turned television personality has previously said that although she was aware of her siblings and had met them when she was a child, the chance of a proper connection was difficult due to the ‘complicated and messy’ situation at the time, given the absence of her father.

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Rochelle Met Lili Age 5 Before They Became Estranged

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Rochelle opened up about the difficult situation on the podcast:

‘I knew of her and met up with her when I was five, but it was so complicated as they were a lot younger and my dad wasn’t involved.’

Rochelle Humes & Sisters


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My besties 💓

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Kem Cetinay Brought The Sisters Back Together

Rochelle went on to share how Love Island winner Kem Cetinay became the unlikely glue in piecing their little family back together after she agreed to pass her number over for Lili to gain contact.

‘She WhatsApped me and I didn’t reply till the morning. We planned to go out for dinner with my other sister and brother and I made Marvin come with me because I was so scared.

‘We are literally the same people, Marvin was like, “OMG, there’s more of you”. We’ve spoken every day since – Jeremy Kyle style. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives.’

rochelle humes sisters and brother
Sophie Piper (left) pictured with sisters Lili, Rochelle and brother Jake

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‘There was a period where we weren’t in contact.

It was weird growing up not knowing Rochelle but since we have spoken we speak every day so it is nice all of us being in each other’s lives now.

‘My middle sister Lili went to school with Kem so that’s how we know him. Obviously he was at the same school as me. It’s funny how it’s all linked together.’

Sophie recently took part in the 2020 winter series of Love Island and big sister Rochelle was full of support:

 ‘Good luck tonight sis, enjoy yourself and find a nice boy.’

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Let’s not forget – sisters before misters!

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