By Cara Dudgeon

16th March 2020

Olivia Bentley feared she would never find love after losing her hair at 16

Image Source/ BT TV

The reality TV star has admitted that suffering alopecia made her feel like she was “ugly”, and some of Olivia’s fears are still present today.

She shared:

‘When the wind blows and there’s no hair on the back of my head, I always think what the hell do people think is going on.

‘And when I’m kissing a bloke and he puts my hand down the back of my head, I always wonder what the f*** do they think that is’.

Olivia, 26, has signed up for Celebs Go Dating – but the TV star insists she still feels shy about her appearance.

She told The Sun Online:

‘I’ve noticed watching Celebs Go Dating back that I have sunglasses on top of my head all the time and people comment on that saying it’s really weird.

‘But it’s only because when it’s really windy I’m worried the wig will f***ing fly off. I’m using the sunglasses to hold it down’.

Olivia also thinks it’s “obvious” she wears a wig.

She said:

‘If I know I’m going to kiss someone then I’ll tell them before that I’m wearing one. If I’m seeing someone I’ll take it off at night, but they’re so unfazed by it.

‘It was only when I was younger that people were weirder about it.

‘When I first got alopecia, it stressed me out beyond belief. I thought, no one is going to want to date me, I’m so ugly, I’m so un-girly.

‘For a long time I felt ugly because I didn’t have the thick long hair that everyone else had’.

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