Mr Motivator Claims Cindy Crawford & Shirley Bassey 'Had The Hots' For Him

By Cara Dudgeon

24th March 2020

Mr Motivator has claimed Cindy Crawford and Dame Shirley Bassey “had the hots” for him

Image Source/ Nottinghamshire Live

The 90s exercise guru – whose real name is Derrick Evans – claims the super stars found him attractive during his days on GMTV.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

‘Cindy Crawford kinda had the hots for me and I don’t blame her. And Dame Shirley Bassey really had the hots for me. In a big way’.

Shirley and Derrick worked alongside each other for a flirty workout segment on GMTV in the 1990s.

The pair danced a tango, with the ‘Never Never Never’ hitmaker teasing:

‘I need his body’.

To which, Derrick responded:

‘Everything can be arranged’.

Host Anthea Turner noticed how “frisky” the pair were after Derrick asked “Shirl” to lie on her back to show off her sit-ups, but she replied:

‘Only if you call me Shirley’.

The 67-year-old fitness instructor also revealed the 83-year-old singer offered to fly him around in her private helicopter.

He continued:

‘Did she go for me? In a big way. She offered to send a helicopter to take me everywhere. She was naughty… ha ha. It was good clean fun’.

However, a close friend of Shirley’s laughed off Derrick’s claims and insisted Shirley never fancied him.

She quipped:

‘I spoke to Dame Shirley and she didn’t have the hots for him – but she wishes him well. If anyone had the hots for him, it was me’.

Last year, Derrick admitted he wanted to make a return as a regular on morning TV to educate people on healthy living and spreading his message of positivity into the world.

He said:

‘On morning television, I believe that there’s a role for me even more. Even if it’s only to say, your parents grew up doing what I was doing and listening to what I was saying on breakfast TV.

‘You now must do the same because there’s some positive messages that will resonate with you for your future. My message is even more important now’.

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