Kevin Clifton Thinks He May Have ALREADY Had Coronavirus

By Cara Dudgeon

26th March 2020

Kevin Clifton thinks he may have had coronavirus

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The 37-year-old professional dancer started experiencing the symptoms of the life-threatening illness as he suffered a dry cough and a fever at the start of the year while rehearsing for his stage musical.

He told The Sun newspaper:

‘I remember in January I was really ill, just before I started rehearsals for ‘The Wedding Singer: The Musical’.

‘I was really ill and then going into rehearsals I remember having really heavy flu.

‘I kept coughing all the time and I had a fever and they are some of the things they are talking about with coronavirus’.

Since the outbreak, the Strictly Come Dancing pro has been self-isolating with his girlfriend Stacey Dooley but still wonders if he has already caught the bug.

He said:

‘I am staying indoors and only going out for essentials like everyone else. We are at a big threat at the moment with this. I am alright.

‘I slightly wonder if I might have already had it at some point. I think there are a lot of people wondering if they have had coronavirus or not. Because we don’t know. Some of us show milder symptoms’.

Despite the confusion during the unprecedented time, Kevin is planning to team up with his sister and former ‘Strictly’ pro Joanne to launch an online dance class for those to learn whilst in isolation.

He added:

‘I keep wondering what to do because I have seen a lot of people doing these online sessions with everyone. Obviously me and my sister Joanne have been doing a few course of online dance classes. It is something we started a year ago anyway.

‘But I am seeing a lot of people doing online live classes from home. There are plenty of people doing that so I feel like I want to engage with everyone’.

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