By Cara Dudgeon

20th March 2020

Kevin Clifton quit Strictly Come Dancing because he didn’t want to be the oldest dancer on the programme

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The 37-year-old dancer recently decided to walk away from the BBC show as he felt younger stars deserved to be given an opportunity, with Kevin admitting he didn’t want to be on ‘Strictly’ after turning 40.

The TV star – who won the popular show in 2018 with his celebrity partner Stacey Dooley – explained:

‘At age 23 it would be different. I’d look at it and think, “I can stay on this for the next ten or 15 years”, but at 37 years old I was thinking, “I’m going to turn 38”.

‘If it’s going to be similar to what I have already done I don’t see myself doing it into my forties.

‘I have got so many other interests and I thought, “I’ll have to leave at some point”. I guess I was starting to question when the last series would be.

‘I kept an open dialogue with the producers. It did not come out of the blue. We were very open with each other. They were aware a while back I was at least thinking when was the time.

‘Me leaving gives younger dancers the chance to come through now. Nobody is bigger than the show’.

Kevin also revealed he’s already turned his attention towards writing a script for TV or cinema.

The ‘Strictly’ star said on his podcast:

‘There is a TV drama I am looking to write. I have just met a brilliant writer who is going to help me structure it and go forward with that’.

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