By Cara Dudgeon

5th March 2020

Joe Swash was “rushed to hospital” to have an operation after an accidental kick from his pro skate partner left him with cauliflower ear

Image Source/ Mirror

The Dancing on Ice contestant took a whack to his lughole when he was practicing his latest routine with Alex Murphy, but the area became infected, resulting in him needing to go under the knife to have all the “gooey stuff” in his ear drained.

Speaking on Instagram Stories, he said:

‘I thought we’d get the elephant out of the room and talk about this stupid, ridiculous bandage on my head.

‘So basically what happened was me and Al were doing disco dad and her skate kicked me in the ear which gave me cauliflower ear.

‘Then it got infected which meant last night I had to get rushed to hospital and have an operation on it and cut it open and drain out all the gooey stuff.

‘The best thing is the doctor said I have to keep this on my head until Sunday, so all week we’re going to be doing the Bolero looking like this’.

Cauliflower ear tends to occur when an extendable portion of the ear is hit, and fluid or a blood clot develops.

But Joe is still expected to skate in the Dancing on Ice final this weekend.

Earlier this week, it was claimed the 38-year-old TV presenter had now been ruled fit to skate by a doctor ahead of the competition’s finale.

An insider said:

‘Joe has been cleared by a doctor to perform on Sunday.

‘He’s fine, but he’s just annoyed about getting an infection and is wearing the bandage as a precaution.

‘He’s out on the ice now rehearsing’.

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