James Argent 2020: What He’s Up To Now

By Tharmini Kenas

2nd March 2020

James Argent 2020: What He’s Up To Now

It’s just March, yet so much has happened in James Argent’s 2020 timeline. The Towie star had tackled a lot of issues in the past few years. Even when he was in Towie, he had to deal with drug addiction issues. 

What is he up to in 2020? What has happened to him this year? 

Who Is James Argent? 

James Argent 2020

Image Source/The Sun

James Argent is a 33-year-old English television personality. He owes his popularity to The Only Way Is Essex (Towie) as he was a part of the show from 2010-2018. 

He had also appeared in other reality TV shows such as Celebrity Super Spa, Sugar Free Farm and The Jump. Moreover, just last year he was a presenter on the entertainment segment of Good Morning Britain

James Argent’s talents do not stop at TV shows only. He also appeared in pantomime productions of Cinderella and Aladdin in 2015 and 2018, respectively. 

James Argent’s partner is Gemma Collins and the couple seems to be going through thick and thin together. Gemma has even hinted about wedding proposal a few days back, on leap day. 

James Argent And Gemma Collins

Their relationship has been on and off since 2012. They even got engaged in 2013 but broke it off soon after. 

However, they are still partners and they continue to break up and patch up till date. 

Amazingly, Gemma has been a solid support for James Argent through his drug addiction issues and weight loss journey. 

Apparently, at the end of last year, a source told The Sun that

“They’re definitely back together, and there doesn’t seem to be any tension between them. They seem really relaxed together and getting on well, they’re always smiling at each other and laughing, there’s been no rows.”

James’ Weight Loss Battle

James was determined to lose weight in 2019 by quitting alcohol and starting boxing! 

Interestingly, he was inspired by Gemma Collins who lost some weight during her stint in Dancing on Ice.

James has been struggling with his weight for a long time. In 2015, he admitted that he felt that he was too fat to be loved. 

He used to be slim in 2017 but he had put on weight after that. 

James Argent 2020

Image Source/Celebs Now

“In regards to my body – I need to work on that. I need to get back in the gym and boxing again.

“I’m desperate to get back on track. I need to work on my fitness that is my number one New Year’s resolution – but I find it so difficult.”

Guess who had been a solid support to James. Gemma, of course. 

“James is doing amazing as he’s six months in recovery – so he needs to focus on that and work on one thing at a time.”

James Argent 2020

Earlier this year, James made a commendable effort to deal with his drug overdose problem. 

Last year, he suffered from two drug overdoses and had to be rushed to the hospital leaving his family, friends and Gemma worried. 

According to a source, 

“Arg has jetted off to Thailand to start the New Year at a specialist facility.

“He has realised he needs help with his recent addiction issues and with his weight loss battle, so has turned to professionals.

“Arg is receiving some of the best care in the world and so is in an environment to finally improve his physical and mental state.

“Nobody knows when he will be back and he hasn’t put a time limit on it – he’ll be back home when he’s fit and well again and he’s determined to make that happen.”

Interestingly, his friends including Mark Wright has helped him to finance the retreat.

“Arg can’t afford rehab but Mark and other close friends and family are clubbing together to put him in a good place so he can overcome this.”

Looks like the retreat in Thailand which costs £20,000 a month did some good for James!

Back With A Bang

James Argent 2020 timeline is going to be lit! 

He has announced through his social media that James “Arg” Argent Famous Thursday’s at Olivia’s La Cala will be starting on April 9 and continue throughout summer until September 10. 

Fun Fact: He performed at Olivia’s La Cala last year and he was joined by Jessie J and Tyson Fury

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