By Cara Dudgeon

20th March 2020

Gemma Collins has teamed up with PETA UK to urge people to avoid visiting marine parks

Image Source/ BestFilmsTimes

The 39-year-old reality star is the face of the animal rights organisation’s latest campaign to end suffering for aquatic animals in parks across the world, such as Sea World in Orlando, Florida.

She shared the poster from the project on her Instagram account on Thursday (19.03.20), which sees her in a bathtub asking:

‘Could you spend your life in a bathtub? Orcas and dolphins at marine parks suffer for decades in cramped tanks comparable to bathtubs. Don’t go to marine parks’.

Gemma captioned the post:

‘Guys, this has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

‘This partnership means the absolute world to me and I genuinely believe campaigns like mine are helping to spread awareness of how unfairly and inhumanely animals are still being treated across the [world] please do your bit today and put an end to the cruelty’.

The Diva Forever star also features in a new video for the non-profit group addressing the impact living in a small tank has on the animals.

She said:

‘I’m absolutely distraught everyday by what I’m seeing on social platforms about how animals are being treated. When we’re looking at all these cutesy videos and whales jumping and dolphins and sea lions performing tricks, that is not normal.

‘When people say, “Oh my god, why has this whale killed one of our trainers?” it’s because it’s an animal that was taken from its mother in the wild, all to live in a bathtub. This isn’t acceptable.

‘People are making money off of parading these animals. These animals should be free. Let’s campaign to get all the marine life into a sanctuary, where they can have some actual enjoyment in their lifetime’.

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