By Ilaria Pignalosa

5th March 2020

Eminem’s Brother: A New Star Is Born?

eminem brother

Eminem brother is maybe the person who shared the most the rapper’s troubled past. What we know about Nathan Mathers? If you have always wondered who Eminem brother is, here you will find all the answers!

Nate Kane: Who Is Eminem’s Brother?

Eminem, just like the Shameless UK cast, is one of those personalities that were very popular in the ’90s and in the first few years of the new millennium.

Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem, the world’s biggest name in rap, has a brother. His name is Nathan Mathers, aka Nate Kane.

Kane was featured in the “Without Me” music video in 2009.

What Is His Real Name?

He often uses two surnames, Kane Mathers, because he is Eminem’s stepbrother. Although they have different fathers, they are very close. In fact, Eminem played a significant role in raising his brother in Detroit. Not one of the worst cities, but still not a good place to grow up in.

Nate was born Nathan Kane Samara, but he changed his surname to Nathan Kane Mathers in early 2018.

nathan kane

Source/ Reddit

Is Nate Single?

Of course, Slim Shady’s young brother looks a lot like his sibling, and they both are very charming. It does thus not surprise that Nate is engaged to Ashley Withey.

The two met in 2002 when Nathan was only 16. They grew up together, fell in love and finally became engaged in 2016. Ashley, who lives in Michigan, is the mother of his son, the little Liam.

As you can imagine, they have already tied the knot. It happened in Michigan, in May 2018.

What Do We Know About His Family?

Nate’s parents are Deborah Nelson Mathers and Fred Samara Jr. His older brother is Marshall Mathers, and his niece is Eminem’s daughter Hailie and her sister Alaina.

Nathan is very proud of his son Liam Kane. He and his wife Ashley often feature him all over their social media pages, to share every moment of his life with their fans.

nathan marshall family

Source/ EminemFanClub

It must be noted that Nathan still maintains a close relationship with his brother. They often go on tours together and support each other by promoting each other’s achievement on social media.

What Does Eminem’s Brother Do?

Nathan Mathers is an artist, producer, songwriter, actor and personal trainer. He first rose to celebrity with his song “Slide on Over”, followed by “Shadow of a Celebrity”.

As an actor, he appeared in some of his brother’s music videos. Most importantly, he is set to star in crime thriller Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge as Detective Liam O’Connor. Nathan’s film debut will be available in 2019.

What About Eminem?

Where is Eminem now? What is he up to? Did he manage to make as much money as Khloe Kardashian? Is his cameo at the 2020 Oscars his way to come back and make some new music? We may not have the answer, but we know for sure that his brother Nathan his officially ready to find his place on the spotlight.

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