By Amelia Slater

11th March 2020

Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland Split For Good

Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland’s split comes as no surprise to anyone after their turbulent on-off relationship over the past two years…

The Geordie Shore stars first got together back in October 2017 and the ups and downs of their relationship was heavily documented on the Newcastle-based reality series.

With the pair confirming their split seemingly ‘for good this time’, it’s time to reflect on this budding reality love story of geordie boy meets geordie lass…

chloe ferry sam gowland split

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2017 – Chloe Ferry And Sam Gowland Meet On MTV Reality Show Geordie Shore

Sam Gowland appeared on the 2017 reality series Love Island where he had flings with both Olivia Attwood and Georgia Harrison. He and Georgia both left the island in sixth place and dated briefly before calling it quits.

Whilst Sam was living it up in sunny Spain, Geordie Shore O.G. Gaz Beadle was already campaigning for the cheeky chappy to join the cast. It looks like MTV granted his prayers because Sam landed a spot amongst the Geordie regulars just months after leaving the Love Island villa.

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Love Island star Sam started dating co-star Chloe Ferry whilst they were filming the series, although the pair were not ‘exclusive’ (which caused a LOT of drama as you can imagine…).

Shortly after filming ended, they made things official in October 2017.


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‘Chicken to my nugget’

It seemed things were hot from the get go for these two! The couple look loved up as Sam holds hands with the reality star.


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Chicken to my nugget @samgowland

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December 2017 – Chloe And Sam Look Loved Up Celebrating The New Year In Thailand

The jet setters headed to Thailand to see out the year for a romantic getaway followed by PDA, PDA and more PDA!

Get a room guys…


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Forever and ever 👫🌍 @samgowland

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February 2018 – The Couple Talk Marriage

Sam exclusively revealed to Star magazine in February 2018 that he was keen to put a ring on new girlfriend Chloe’s finger:

‘We’ve both said it will definitely happen one day. I’ve never wanted it with other people, but we both want it.’

He went on to call Chloe ‘The One’, and seemed totally smitten:

‘We really do want to be together. I’ve never felt the way I do about Chloe.’


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March 2018 – Sam And Chloe Get Matching Tattoos

Posting a picture of the couple in the bath together (oo-er) on social media, Sam and Chloe were ready to take their relationship to the next level after showing off their new matching tattoos of each other’s names.

Sam revealed his new tatt of the word ‘Chloe’ inked on his shoulder, meanwhile the petite blonde had ‘Sam’ etched in a heart on her wrist.


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2 words speak a thousand memories 💉🔍

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May 2019 – Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland Split After A Year And A Half Together

After sailing through rocky waters, Chloe announced that she and Sam had decided to call time on their 17 month relationship, telling followers on his instagram story:

‘It hurts me to say this but me and Sam have gone our separate ways. We are still friends. Things carry on as normal. Bring on Saturday for the shop opening.’

chloe ferry announces split instagram

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Friends Say Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland Split Because ‘Sam got jealous that Choe’s career was taking off and his wasn’t quite as hot’

A source told The Sun that the couple had split after a number of arguments over work:

‘Sam got jealous that Chloe’s career was taking off and his wasn’t quite as hot.

‘They’d constantly row about work. He wanted to make as much money as he could and retire in two years time, so was constantly looking for ways to monetise their relationship.’

In spite of ending things on seemingly good terms, it didn’t take long for things to turn sour…

chloe calls sam out for following girls after their split

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August 2019 – Sam Claims Chloe ‘lied, cheated and sold fake stories’

Telling fans he had had enough of his ex ‘playing the victim’ card, Sam opened up on camera about his version of events following the high-profile break-up. He said:

‘I feel like I’ve kept my mouth closed for far too long on the situation between me and Chloe. I’ll tell you the real reason [for the split] because nobody has aired this yet.

‘We split up because it wasn’t working. Then we got back together and went to Magaluf to work together for a PA. Then from Magaluf I flew to Ibiza and was there for two days. When I flew back Chloe went to Ibiza and cheated on me […] while she was texting me saying: ‘Sam, please get me a flight I don’t want to be here.’


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He went on to say that Chloe had ‘mugged him off’ and ‘lied to his face’:

‘She sh*gged someone else yesterday. Lesson learnt. Never trust Chloe Ferry.’

Yikes! The war of the exes is well and truly on…

…Or is it?

December 2019 – The Pair Are Living Together Again

Reports suggest that Chloe and Sam may be trying to give their relationship another go. The Sun revealed that the pair were living together in December after Sam had reportedly ‘begged’ Chloe to take him back.

A source stated:

‘Chloe is back with Sam and she’s spent the past few days holed up at the place where they used to live together. Sam went all out begging for her back and against her mum and friend’s pleas – Chloe has now taken Sam back.

‘She’s tried to keep it from her pals and she hasn’t told some of them they’re officially back together. Chloe knows it will make some of of friends furious because Sam treated her so badly but he is so persuasive and Chloe is adamant he’s changed.’


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They added:

‘Sam told her he wants a fresh start and that she is the only girl for him. Chloe is blinded by her feelings for Sam.’

February 2020 – Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland Split ‘For Good’

After trying to make it work again and again and even resorting to a ‘make or break’ holiday, friends of the Geordie Shore star have revealed that Chloe is making a ‘fresh start’ for herself, finally putting her relationship with Sam Gowland behind her.

A source said:

‘Chloe’s finally cut ties with Sam and is moving on by herself. Today is Chloe’s official moving day and she’s so excited for the fresh start.

‘It feels like the dawn of a new beginning for Chloe. No more Sam riding on her coat tails or trying to muscle in on what is hers.’


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House is nearly ready to move into😍 loving my sofa from @houseof_chelsea 🛋

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‘Today is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter and as far as Chloe is concerned, what she had with Sam is gone for good.’

Sam Is Looking For Love

It looks like Sam is also trying to move on from his two-year relationship.

chloe ferry sam gowland split for good

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Is this it for the the dramatic couple? Watch this space…

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