By Emma Moylan

5th March 2020

Love Is Blind is the dating show we never knew we needed. Is it good? Is it bad? We just don’t know! But it is downright addictive!

Jessica is feeding her dog wine, Lauren hates sharing space with people and Giannina is… just being Giannina. Oh and everyone is getting engaged without ever seeing each other! The world has gone mad.

Now we’ve finished binge watching the show and with the reunion in sight, we’ve compiled all the gossip and fully stalked their Instagram profiles to tell you everything you need to know about the dating experiment.

30. There Were TWO Engagements In The Pods That The Show Didn’t Track

WHAT? The producer of the show, Chris Coelen, revealed that there were two engagements in the pods that we didn’t see on the show. Well, why on earth did we not see that!

Image Source/Metro

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