By Lucy Cooper

28th February 2020

Tommy Fury Ex- Girlfriend: Who’s Her New Boyfriend?

Tommy Fury ex-girlfriend, Millie Roberts, was all over the news when her recent ex, Tommy Fury, entered the Love Island villa just months after they split.

Millie, 22, wasn’t shy to let the Nation know her thoughts on Tommy’s appearance in the villa. Taking to her social media, she put straight a few things…

tommy fury ex girlfriend

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She was no stranger to the Q&A feature on Insta during her ex’s time in the villa. Exposing behind the scenes of the God-like boxer that had just swanned in to the villa. Unbeknown to him, his ex was exposing the secrets of their relationship.

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Millie, who looks strikingly like Molly-Mae, revealed Tommy’s controlling side, including of what she wears and where she goes. Roberts insisted she’s an independent woman, who will do what she wants- we love that!

“He wouldn’t want me wearing revealing clothes, wouldn’t let me go to certain places in town he wanted me to be very reserved and modest. But ya gal likes a drink in a mini dress so.”


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Entering the year as extra as I left

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When asked to clear up what happened after Tommy was approached by the team, Millie admitted the relationship took quite the turn.

The idea of Love Island obviously rocked their relationship, admitting to have split up about five times after he was approached.

Millie claimed that money or fame was more important to Tommy, but for her no amount of money could replace love and happiness.

tommy fury ex girlfriend millie

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Something Didn’t Add Up…

Millie suggests her and Fury officially split in March 2019, just a matter of months before he entered the villa.

While this isn’t ideal, what makes it worse is Tommy’s claim that he and his ex had been split for a good 8-10 months before he took Love Island on. Something isn’t adding up here:

“Didn’t realise Feb-March was 8-10 months ago?

“I know your not the best at maths but this is no excuse. It’s made what fame and money can do to people try and act like the whole relationship was nothing. But okay tommy you do you.”


tommy fury ex insta stories

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Tommy Fury Ex- Girlfriend: Exposing Him

Millie had no bars held, and seemed to be on quite the rampage:

“He’s very good at talking, he’s very smooth and calming, he would talk his way out of any situation.

Appearing to send a warning to Tommy’s new squeeze, Molly Mae Hague, she warned:

“Don’t ignore red flags when they come up. He will talk his way out of it. He would lie about where he was every weekend, he would say he was with his granddad but he wouldn’t be, he’d be out and staying in hotel rooms.”


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Feelin all Christmas gift wrapped @missyempire

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So, perhaps Tyson Fury’s little brother isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. He was known for his sweet talking in the villa; do we remember when he serenaded Curtis Pritchard multiple times.

Speaking of her final encounter with the semi-pro boxer, she revealed it was full of his sweet talk:

“That he missed me and reassured me he didn’t break up with me to go on the villa he just wants to concentrate on this boxing. LOL.”

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Of course, watching your ex on Love Island is the epitome of what you DON’T want to see, so she chose to take a back seat:

“I’m not watching this year’s Love Island, as you can imagine watching your ex graft other girls on TV is very hard and not something I want to put myself through.”

She still wasn’t shy on her stories- raising a glass of fizz when Tommy and Molly just missed out on the win.

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Tommy Fury Ex- Girlfriend: Crossed Path

The pair actually crossed paths shortly after leaving the island, at a Boohoo Man event held in Rosso, Manchester. Given the venue isn’t exactly massive, it’s likely they bumped in to each other.

Meanwhile, Tommy’s new girlfriend Molly was shooting her PLT clothing collection campaign in Los Angeles.

No funny business seemed to go on, with the pair leaving in separate taxis at around 2.30am.

Tommy Fury Ex- Girlfriend: Moved On

While the Love Island star is flaunting his new relationship all over the ‘gram, his ex is at it as well. Roberts has posted multiple pictures with her new man, with one being captioned “falling in love with my best friend is the best thing I ever did.”


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falling in love with my best friend was the best thing I’ve ever done 💕

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So, this pair might have known each other while her and Tommy were actually still together.

Wedding Bells?

All we have to say is, as long as Tommy Fury and ex Millie are both happy in their own rights now, then good on them! We just wonder when Tommy will pop the looming question to Molly-Mae:

“When the time comes it will be very extravagant and I’d get her the nicest ring she wants. Whatever Molly wants she can have! “I’m a Christian and a big believer in God; I thank God every day. It would be a big church wedding.”


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Despite being only 20, Tommy and girlfriend Molly Mae have much older heads on their shoulders and seem to both be very open to the idea or an early marriage. Watch this space!

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas…

The pair were spotted arriving back in Manchester on Wednesday, after watching Tommy’s brother Tyson Fury take the World Heavyweight title in Las Vegas.

molly mae and paris fury las vegas

Love Island has obviously left them more than financially stable, as the pair were rocking £35k of designer clobber between them.

tommy and molly arriving back in manchester

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