Saffron Barker Net Worth: How The YouTuber Makes Her Money

By Lynda Keleer

19th February 2020

Saffron Barker Net Worth: How The YouTuber  Makes Her Money

After a series of high profile performances, social influencer Saffron Barker net worth has been sent soaring. But despite the many projects she’s had on the go, it’s her YouTube channel that’s the real money-spinner.

Saffron Barker net worth

If you want the low-down on what Saffron Barker earned competing on Strictly Come Dancing, as well as her YouTube Channels, keep reading to find out more!

Who Is YouTube Star Saffron Barker?

Born on 24th July 2000, Saffron Barker grew up in Brighton with her three brothers and parents but she always had a vision of becoming famous. The evolution of social influencers and YouTube stars was perfect for Saffron who quickly became one of the biggest stars on the circuit.

However, although many know Saffron for her YouTube channels, she’s also got impressive vocal talents. Her first foray into fame was when she and a few friends set up girl group called Born2Blush.

The four girls in the band started out with cover versions before releasing an original single titled 24Seven. The group also took part in an open mic competition, but singing wasn’t to be the way that Saffron Barker hit the headlines.

Success With YouTube Channels

Saffron Barker rise to the top began in 2015 when her two YouTube channels started to gain a serious following. She uploads content every Sunday night at 5pm on her main channel, with audiences waiting for the new clips every week.

With more than 300 million views on her main channel so far, Saffron has quickly gained a big following with videos such as “Best friend VS Brother! Who Knows me better?!” and “I let my mum control my diet for 24 hours!”

Her other channel is still successful with more than a million subscribers. She has deals with brands such as Protein World, FakeBake and Missguided, helping her to rake in even more cash.

Other Revenue Streams

YouTube and vlogging isn’t the only way that Saffron Barker’s net worth is pumped up. As well as making appearances on shows, she also is business savvy enough to dip her toes into other markets.

Primark is one of the biggest high street retailers with its range of affordable clothing and accessories. This makes them the perfect partner for Saffron and her Gen Z audience, which could be the reason why the influencer joined forces with the brand.


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There is now a Saffron Barker collection in Primark, known as Primark X Saffy B. Every item in the range bears a sunset and palm tree design, making them instantly recognisable.

Although Saffron loves beauty and fashion, the Primark collection has many different items such as slider sandals, rubber rings and a cosy travel pillow. If you can think of a holiday accessory, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in the Saffy B range at Primark!

The Primark deal is a great money-spinner for Saffron Barker and has contributed significantly to her wealth. However, it’s not the only project that she’s been working on.

Expanding on her YouTube channel, Saffron has released her own book. Titled Saffron Barker V Real Life: My Perfectly Filtered Life (Sort Of. But Not Really At All), it hit the best-seller lists with her “daily fails and epic wins”.

As Saffron herself describes it:

My life may not always be perfect, but in my opinion it’s pretty amazing. Fails and all. And you’re going to hear <all> about those.”

Dancing Across Our Screens

Saffron Barker followed in the footsteps of fellow YouTuber Joe Sugg as she was chosen to take part in Strictly Come Dancing. Joe Sugg reached the finals and also met his girlfriend Dianne Buswell on the show so Saffron had lots to live up to!

saffron barker Strictly Come Dancing

Before the show began, the YouTube star had this to say about being picked.

“I am really excited to go on the Strictly journey and am feeling very grateful for the opportunity! I’m looking forward to learning all of the dances.  Finding out who my partner is, getting to wear the costumes and to just experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

At the time Saffron was dating Jake Mitchell so there was no suggestion of romance with dancing partner AJ Pritchard. However, the young pair hit it off well. And were a firm hit with the viewers who voted to keep them in week after week.

Sadly, Saffron didn’t make it to the finals like Joe, instead leaving the competition in Week 10.

So, How Much Is Saffron Barker Net Worth?

Current estimates put Saffron Barker’s value at around $1 million. But with ongoing revenue from views, this figure is likely to continue to climb. Views from her YouTube channel alone could bring in $1,600 every day.  With a further $600,000 every year from sponsorship deals. Saffron Barker may only be 19 years old but with a successful career as a social influencer and many lucrative deals, this YouTube star is certain to accumulate even more money in the future!

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