Reusabag: The Reusable Sandwich Bags You Need In Your Life

By Cara Dudgeon

6th February 2020

Reusabag: The Reusable Sandwich Bags You Need In Your Life

Just last month we told you how we’d found the best alternative to clingfilm and now we’ve done it again: meet Reusabag (reusable sandwich bags).

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Image Source/ Reusabag

Why do we need them?..

It’s no secret that packed lunches save us hundreds of pounds a month but no one wants to use one of the lunch boxes they had as a child. So plastic bags seem like the next best thing, right?

Wrong! Plastic sandwich bags are far from eco-friendly and one of the biggest culprits of single-use plastic filling up our landfill sites.

Obviously, we want to keep saving money, but what about saving the planet?

After a lot of trials, food wraps and a spillage in one of our favourite bags – a very traumatic experience for all involved – we can say that we have found the best reusable sandwich and snack bags: Reusabag.

What makes Reusabag so special?..

Reusabag are reusable food storage bags. The silicone bags are made from food-grade PEVA and are PVC and BPA free.

Notable features of the bags are:

  • Easy to clean

  • Can be hand washed

  • Secure food safely with a ziplock design

  • Can be used in the freezer

  • Two sizes

Their only difference to a normal food bag is the material. They come in two sizes – medium bags are 8.6 x 7.75 inches and small bags are 8.6 x 5.3 inches.

Unfortunately, the Reusabags are not dishwasher safe.

What is PEVA?

PEVA – also known as polyethylene vinyl acetate – is a common substitute for PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Unlike PVC, it is isn’t chlorinated so is considered to be healthier by manufacturers.

It’s odourless nature makes it perfect for food. It’s also fully waterproof – so can store any liquids like soups and sauces.

In regards to how eco-friendly it is, PEVA is biodegradable!

What do the reviews say?

The bags are rated 4.8 stars by their consumers! There doesn’t seem to be any negative reviews of the bags, with customers either giving the bags four or five stars.

Maria said:

‘I always had the need to pack some food and get it in the freezer, so the quantity of plastic which after use was going to the bin was a lot and for me that i try to waste as much less plastic as possible i had to find a solution for reusable bags. Those bags are phenomenal because of the quality they are made of, even the water i tried and it does not get out’.

Sam wrote:

‘These storage bags are a very good alternative to plastic wrap. Can be used for anything. They look very clean and have a durable material that is really worth a try!’

Lucy said:

‘So impressed with these – I use them for everything!! I didn’t realise how many plastic food bags I go through until I bought these and re use them over everyday. It’s a small change but a change that would make a massive impact if everyone did it too :)’.

Where can I buy them?

The lunch bags set you back £11.99 for 5 bags; working out at £2.40 a bag.

Reusabag offers different size packs – 10 bags cost £21.99 and the price for 15 bags is £33.99.

That may seem pricey, but Reusabag assure that:

‘The Reusable Food Bags can be used up to 100’s of times before you need to replace them!’

For all of the different ways you can use them, it seems like a steal!

You can buy Reusabags here.

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