Phillip Schofield's Wife Vows To Support & Stand By Him

By Cara Dudgeon

10th February 2020

Phillip Schofield’s wife has vowed to stand by him after he announced he is gay

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The This Morning presenter revealed the news during Friday’s (07.02.20) episode of the brunch-time show, and Steph – who he has been married to since 1993 – says she loves Phil “as much today as I ever have”, and she supports him in taking such a “brave step”.

Steph – who has two daughters, Molly, 27, and Ruby, 24, with the ‘Dancing on Ice’ host – told The Sun newspaper:

‘I love Phillip, as much today as I ever have, and always will.

‘We’ve been awestruck by the strength and love of our precious girls, even as they’ve been trying to make sense of it all for themselves.

‘Our family have also been so supportive and will help us going forward.

‘Although this is difficult for us all, I support Phillip in taking this brave step.

‘I will still be there, holding his hand. Everyone should be proud to live their own truth’.

Phil is now hoping he can inspire others, such as actors and sportsmen, to come out.

He added:

‘Make no mistake, I did this for me.

‘But I also hope it might make others feel they can do the same.

‘I guarantee right now there are actors, sportsmen and other high-profile people experiencing the same thing.

‘Everyone from bankers to bakers, all sorts. I know there are some people who will never come out. But I hope maybe some might feel more able to after this’.

Phillip was joined by his This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby on the sofa for his announcement, and praised her as the “sister I’ve never had”. He also said everyone he had told prior to going public with the news had been “so supportive”.

The Cube host explained:

‘It’s funny, because everyone I’ve spoken to, you, have all been so supportive, loving and caring, and my entire family, to a person, have grabbed us and said, “It’s OK, it’s OK. We love you, we’re proud of you.”

‘Every person I tell it gets a little lighter and a little lighter.

‘I’m really very aware that Steph and the girls are at home watching this, and we’re all together.

‘We spent a lot of time together and they’ve been supporting us as we got to this moment.

‘I feel a little lighter but I’m very aware there is no question it causes pain and upset.

‘We’ve never had any secrets’.

Asked how Steph is coping, he said:

‘It’s tough. We’ve gone through this together. I have had to deal with this for quite some time’.

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