By Cara Dudgeon

6th February 2020

Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips wants to make things “official” with Callum Jones when he returns from Casa Amor

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The 25-year-old democratic services officer spent most of Wednesday (05.02.20) night’s episode fretting about whether the scaffolding will return from Casa Amor with a new girl on his arm after admitting to the group that she doesn’t trust him.

However, she later told her girl gang that she was keen to make Callum her boyfriend when he gets back to the main villa tomorrow night (06.02.20) as that would be the only way she would stop stressing about him around other girls.

But while the brunette beauty was busy planning her future, Callum has been locking lips with blonde bombshell Molly after they bonded over Manchester.

Discussing his feelings for Molly, he said:

‘Every time I look at her there’s a sexual attraction it’s massive. You can’t help how you feel.

‘I look at her and think I want to rip her clothes off’.

Finn Tapp asked him if he feels the same about Shaughna, to which he replied:

‘I’ll be honest no I don’t’.

And, although he’s yet to ask Molly to go back to the villa with him, the pair have already shared two passionate smooches and have slept in the same bed.

However, he’s already convinced Shaughna will go “f***ing mental” when she finds out that he’s found someone else in Casa Amor and thinks everyone will hate him.

Shaughna, on the other hand, may be known for flying off the handle but she’s already said she will probably quit the show if Callum returns with someone else.

She said:

‘I just don’t know what I would do if he comes back with a girl, I would not be able to live in this villa. I really did not think I’d be missing him this much’.

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