Graham Sugg: What Is His Net Worth?

By Lynda Keleer

7th February 2020

Graham Sugg: What Is His Net Worth?

Social media has created a whole new way to get famous with vloggers and bloggers reaching a digital audience. However, the vast majority of these are Millennials with a sprinkling from Generation X – but Graham Sugg is the man who broke the mould.

Graham Sugg

Born in 1962, Graham Sugg is not just a Baby Boomer but also a very successful Twitter star. The trendy put-down “ok, boomer” certainly doesn’t apply in his case!

But what is Graham Sugg famous for and what is his net worth income? Here’s what you need to know about one of the internet’s hottest stars.

Bossing the Twitter-sphere

If you’ve followed the daddysugg account on Twitter, you’re already a fan of Graham Sugg. He’s enjoyed huge success on social media and has tens of thousands of Twitter followers.

Graham originally worked as a talent scout so was very familiar with the entertainment scene which has undoubtedly helped him hit the sweet spot when it comes to connecting with fans.


Born on February 28, in the Year of the Rat, Graham Sugg is a Pisces. Those born under the sign of Pisces are renowned for being creative, dedicated and successful so it’s perhaps not the greatest surprise that Graham is such a resounding success.

It’s not all about work with Graham either as he married bespoke jewellery designer Tracey Sugg, and they went on to have two children, Zoe and Joseph. The couple raised their kids in Bath, England but although the marriage wasn’t to last, there was an exciting future lined up for this family.

Famous Sugg family

If you enjoy following Graham Sugg, you might already be aware that he’s not the only famous name in the family. They’ve been dubbed the Kardashians of social media as the whole family has Instagram and Twitter accounts with thousands of followers each.

In fact, if you’re googling the question ‘how rich is Graham Sugg?’, you’ll need to be careful about which links you click. This is because his son’s name is Joe Graham Sugg and it’s very easy to mix the two up!

Joe Sugg was born in 1991 and has become a megastar on social media. With a net worth salary income of millions, he’s become one of the richest Twitter stars.


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It’s not just the boys in the family that have claimed the spotlight though; Zoe Sugg, known as Zoella to her fans is equally successful. She’s got millions of fans following her vlogging and often teams up with her brother for a special treat.

zoella sugg

Zoe’s partner is also a famous internet star which provides her with lots of support as well as a handy way to create extra interest for her videos. She met Alfie Deyes in 2013 at an industry event and they’ve gone from strength to strength ever since. They’re often referred to as #zalfie – couple goals right there!

Having fun with fans

One of the reasons why the estimated net worth salary of Graham Sugg is so high is because he’s not afraid to have a little fun. Rather than keeping his Tweets serious, he likes to let loose and joke around.

When son Joe Suggs appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, Graham wasn’t above a little trolling.

He tweeted “OMG @Zoella’s brother is doing Strictly Come Dancing” – a jokey reference that insinuated Zoe was the more famous of the two!

Joe was thrilled to be included in the Strictly line-up, saying at the time

“I’m honestly so chuffed to be involved in the show this year.”

Although he didn’t lift the crown, he did well, making it all the way to the final!

His success certainly took Graham Sugg by surprise who before the competition started said,

“Not gonna lie, bit nervous, last time I saw @Joe_Sugg’s moves was like a cross between a fence post and a newborn giraffe…that had just been stung by a wasp…”

Fans have loved getting to know the Sugg family but it’s not easy to find personal information about Graham Sugg! The fact that his interests and skills are so diverse means that Graham Sugg’s net worth is tricky to calculate.

However, those with inside information believe that Graham Sugg’s estimated net worth is between $1-5million, as of 2019. Of course, much depends on how much the Twitter star has spent. But with two children earning hundreds of thousands themselves. It seems certain that Graham Sugg will still have plenty of cash for himself!

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