Gaynor Faye: Corrie’s Most Loved Star

By Lynda Keleer 4 years ago

Gaynor Faye: Corrie’s Most Loved Star
The role of Judy Mallet in Coronation Street is no walk in the park. Her role is immersed in a roller-coaster adventure of emotions, not to mention her abrupt and shocking death. But Gaynor Faye’s impressive and emotive depiction of Judy has put her name on the big screen.

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Gaynor Faye has been gaining the attention of the media recently having been in several popular soap operas.

She’s widely known for her remarkable role as Judy Mallett in Coronation street.

And she became even more well known when she joined the cast of Emmerdale.

But that’s not all Gaynor Faye is known for, she also has a few talents up her sleeves.

Keep scrolling as we investigate the exceptional talents of Gaynor Faye.

You’d be shock to find out the talented actresses’ age! We’ll also find out just how much the Corrie star is worth.

Stay tuned!

Gaynor Faye Past

If you grew up in England and you love watching soap operas with your gran, then Gaynor Faye would be no stranger to you.

She’s been on our screens for more than 30 years, and we’ve grown to love the talented actress.

Before we explore Gaynor Faye’s impressive career, let’s first get to know the beautiful actress.

Gaynor Faye Mellor was born on August 26th 1971 in Leeds, United Kingdom.

With such glowing skin and a fit, hot body, you wouldn’t guess the talented star’s age.

Born August 1971, Faye is 49 years old this year!

Despite her age, Gaynor Faye’s good looks are all her own, without any fillers, Botox, or trout pout in sight!

She also thanked her gorgeous figure to her time on Dancing on Ice, which we will explore later.

Gaynor Faye was initially born as Gaynor Kay Mellor but changed her last name to Faye during the start of her acting career.

Faye was daughter to famous TV script writer Kay Mellor and father Anthony Mellor.

Does Faye have a man in her life?

Yes! She’s currently living with long-term boyfriend Mark Pickering in Leeds, West Yorkshire with their two children Oliver and Lily Mae.

Faye's Children

Faye is very proud of her two children, as she constantly brings them up during her television interviews, and the family seems a close knit family.

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Faye commented during an interview for Loose Women about her children saying:
“My son is such a mummy’s boy and sensitive… I am not doing his street cred any good!”

And on her daughter, Faye says:
“She is desperate for cheekbones, blue eyes because she’s seen herself with blue eyes.”

“I have taken her phone off her when she’s badly behaved, when I give it back, she says she is happier without it.”

Gaynor Faye is an actress and writer.

And before we explore her extensive career, let’s find out her net worth!

How much is the Corrie star’s worth?

According to Celebs Trend Now, she’s one of the most successful and highest-paid soap opera actresses in England!

This has garnered her a whopping net worth of $30 million!

Now that we know her net worth, let’s find out how she got there by exploring Gaynor Faye’s career.

Gaynor Faye’s Acting Career

Acting isn’t the only thing Gaynor is famous for, as she also has a few talents up her sleeves.

But more of that later!

Faye’s big break in acting occurred during her role in the BBC comedy, Sharp End.


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Then, after a stint on Peak Practice, the talented actress got her debut on Coronation Street.

Gaynor Faye played Judy Mallet on The Comedy TV Show Coronation Street.

It was Never Easy for Her

Her role wasn’t easy, to say the least, and her ending was all levels of dramatic!

We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but her character was killed off the famous soap opera with a bang.

Faye commented on Judy’s shocking death during an interview with The Mirror saying:
“I know, it was dramatic. The blue make-up, the twins crying… I’d literally just died and I walked off set and they were bringing in the hearse to film my funeral.”

“If that wasn’t bad enough, I got to my dressing room and they were taking the name plaque off the door with a drill! I hadn’t even left the building.”

A grateful Faye also commented on her role as Judy Mallet saying:
“I had lots of fantastic storylines, and people often talk about how upset they were when she died.”

“I look back now and realise how lucky I was to have such big, dramatic storylines, and work with such amazing people.”

Gaynor’s other famous roles include Holly Quinn in Playing the Field, and Lauren Harris in Fat Friends, and Georgia Lovett in Between the Sheets.

Then in 2001, the all-rounded star received her biggest role yet when she joined famous ITV soap opera, Emmerdale as Megan Macey.

Gaynor quickly gained fan’s affection for her role as Megan Macey, and she stayed with the popular show until recently in 2019.

Her departure from the show was just the beginning of a long list of departures for several other notable stars.

But why did she leave?

Faye’s swapping the big screen for the stage!

Faye’s character Megan’s departure from the village has come as a surprise to everyone especially her on-screen daughters.

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But fans of the popular soap will know of her departure since May when she officially announced her reasons for it.

The hopeful actress is moving on to something different and bigger!

Faye said in an interview:
“I’ve been on the show for over six years and have naturally reached a point where I’d like to do some other stuff.”

“It’s a risk. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t want to stay playing the same character for too long.”

And what is this new project of hers?

Gaynor Faye will be starring in the adaptation of Band of Gold, written and directed by her own mother, Kay Mellor.


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The talented star has expressed her heaviness to leave her role of 6 years saying:
“I loved my time there, the cast and crew, everyone, but it had to come to an end. The funeral scene was really emotional.”

She will also miss her long-time on-screen husband played by Michael Praed saying:
“Michael Praed, who played Frank, we are so close, so knowing we won’t act together again was so hard.”

It’s always hard to see our favourite characters leave a show, but in this case its for the better so we’re rooting for Gaynor!

Gaynor is excited for her new role as she told Loose Women:
“Band of Gold is about working girls as heroes. She has always championed women.”

Faye was referring to her mother Kay Mellor’s work in successfully giving women a voice in acting.

Gaynor Faye’s departure on Emmerdale is the start of a series of departures.

Sandra Marvin, Ryan Hawley, and Jane Cox have also announced their departure and they all seem to have the same reason for leaving.

Jane told The Mirror:
“I know if I hadn’t have left now I never would. Life is such an exciting thing, you never know what is around the corner. It was a big decision but I know it is the right thing.”

“It’s completely life-changing. But I decided I wanted to do different things.”

Gaynor Faye Other Talents

Besides acting, Faye has also astounded us with several of her unique talents.

We’re talking about her vivacious performance on Dancing on Ice in 2006!

The Emmerdale star SLAYED the competition as she was the first celebrity to win the famous reality TV competition, Dancing on Ice.

Faye partnered with professional dancer Daniel Whiston and her tenacity won our hearts.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’d probably remember that time when Faye was rushed to the hospital after an accident during practice!

The former Corrie star was rushed to the hospital in full costume and she received three stitches.

Three stitches would normally mean that she would have to sit-out of the competition.

Her dance partner Matt Evers commented on her situation:
“Any injury affects your confidence, especially an injury to the face. When you get hit in the face it hurts a lot.”

Yeah no kidding Matt!

But that wasn’t the case for the inspirational actress as she went back to the arena to perform that night!

Faye said after her performance:
“I managed to get my boots off but I was taken to casualty in my costume with eyelashes on. They were a bit shocked when I walked in.”

Talk about impressive! Especially at Faye’s age of 49 years.

Faye also released a fitness DVD video titled Gaynor Faye’s Fit Friends’ Workout after she lost an impressive amount of weight for the dancing competition.

Talk about inspirational!

We just can’t get enough of this inspiration, all-rounded celebrity.

Gaynor Faye has been in our lives for over 30 years and we hope she’s here to stay!


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