EastEnders' Kellie Bright Teases 'Epic' 35th Anniversary Episode

By Cara Dudgeon

7th February 2020

Kellie Bright says EastEnders’ 35th anniversary celebration episode is the “most epic” she has ever been involved in

Image Source/ BBC

The 43-year-old actress is “really excited” to watch the ep, which will see the Carters host a boat party on the River Thames when one character will meet their maker, and she admitted her alter-ego Linda Carter could be bumped off during the episode.

She said:

‘It’s the most epic episode I’ve ever been involved with.

‘I’m really excited to see it… that says a lot.

‘It centres around a party on a boat, on the Thames, and I get wet’.

When it was suggested it could be Linda who dies, she replied:

‘It might be’.

Kellie’s current storyline has seen Linda hit the bottle, and earlier this week she got drunk and fell asleep while looking after her son Ollie, who climbed onto the Queen Vic pub’s roof.

And the former Bad Girls star – who has children Freddie, eight, and three-year-old Gene – admits it is tough to shoot the scenes where Linda is drunk around Ollie because she thinks of her own kids.

Speaking on This Morning, she added:

‘Because I have children of my own, I find all the stuff with Ollie really hard to do, and also to watch.

‘But I feel like she has crossed a line.

‘She’s got herself into this place where she’s on this treadmill of drinking to block out all the things she doesn’t want to have to think about or deal with’.

Kellie recently admitted she filmed herself drunk to research the plot, and found acting intoxicated to be “daunting”.

She said:

‘I’ve never had to play being drunk consistently before – it’s quite daunting.

‘I wanted a lot of real footage and listened to my fellow actors and any advice they had.

‘Given the turnaround of filming here, it’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do.

‘I just had to do a lot of preparation so that when I walked into the studio I was ready to go and knew how drunk Linda needed to be in that particular scene’.

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