Charlotte Crosby Boyfriends: The Good, The Bad, The Gorgeous

By Emma Moylan

17th February 2020

Charlotte Crosby Boyfriends: The Good, The Bad, The Gorgeous

Who are Charlotte Crosby’s ex boyfriends? She once said she would only date a man with a six pack so we’re taking a look at her dating history…

Charlotte Crosby was thrust into the limelight at the tender age of 18 so she is well attuned to public curiosity surrounding her personal life.

Rising to fame on the reality show Geordie Shore, we saw every side of the Geordie lass as she partied, tanned and chased around Gaz… Naughty boy.

Now 29 years old, we feel like we’ve been part of her life for the last 11 years and are consistently intrigued by her exciting love life. Once vowing to never kiss anyone without a six pack, have Charlotte Crosby‘s boyfriends stuck to her imperative criteria?

Time to walk down memory lane and remember all her former conquests.

Charlotte Crosby Boyfriends: Gaz Beadle

At just 18, Charlotte arrived in the Geordie Shore house ready to booze her way through her prime years. It wasn’t long before Gaz Beadle (and his reportedly huge parnsip) wangled their way into her (heart!).

But nothing is simple in the world of love and the ‘couple’ were on and off… and on and off… again for about 12 series with Charlotte having her heart torn up every time he brought another girl back – which happened frequently.

Charlotte Crosby boyfriends

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His refusal to commit to Charl had us begging at her to move on but then – albeit five years later – things became official! Woooooo!

Aaand then they broke up. Bitterly.

Tragically, Charlotte suffered an ectopic pregnancy, leaving her needing life-saving surgery. Meanwhile Gaz was not by her side but rather decided to stay filming Ex on the Beach in Thailand – getting it on with Jemma Lucy.

Speaking about the ordeal, he said:

“If she’d said ‘I’m in the worst pain ever, I can’t move, I’m dying’, obviously I’d be on the next plane home. But she was like, ‘I’m okay, don’t worry I’m fine.

“Maybe I should have gone back. It still hasn’t kicked in… Obviously I was devastated.”

But after Charlotte lashed out about Gaz, he decided he wanted nothing more to with her.

“She said I was worse than a murderer, that to me was the final straw, I don’t want to talk to her or about her.” 

Charlotte quit Geordie shore for good, saying that she was ‘willing to sacrifice’ that part of her career to not be around Gaz.

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle

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Scotty T

Scotty T joined Geordie Shore during season three which is where the pair first set eyes on each other.

When filming in Greece, Charlotte and Scotty T locked lips in the back of a taxi despite Charlotte still being in a relationship with Mitch. Charlotte was left wracked with guilt and it is safe to say that neither relationships lasted.

They have, however, both remained good friends.

Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T

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Charlotte started dating Mitch in 2013 when she was on a break from Gaz. The couple seemed pretty serious with Charlotte even getting a tattoo of his initials on her arm.

The couple broke up a year later, just before they were due to move in together, when Mitch decided that dumping a girl by text was an acceptable means of communication.

However, just one month after their break up, the pair jetted off to New York and so it seemed that they were very much back together.

But it wasn’t long before things were over for good. Speaking at the time, Charlotte said:

“I thought is this really going to work and is this really what I want for the rest of my life?

“That’s a big commitment isn’t it, so then I just thought right I just need to cool things off, so I got back from Greece and I finished things and we haven’t been back together ever since.”

Charlotte Crosby and Mitch

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Charlotte Crosby Boyfriends: Jeavon Stretton

After her break up with Mitch, Charlotte was once again a single pringle ready to mingle and so she was the perfect person to appear on the first season of Celebs Go Dating. One of our guilty pleasures – and incredibly addictive – the show couples celebrities with real people.

After having a date with Manc man Jeavon Stretton, things took an unexpected turn. After asking Charlotte how many people she had slept with, he was apparently appalled by the answer, claiming that it was too high.

Charlotte claimed that he had slept with hundreds of people and snubbed him for holding her to double standards.

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Ash Harrison

Sticking to reality television, Charlotte tried her hand at Celebrity Big Brother and went on the win it back in 2013. She later shacked up with other Celeb Big Brother contestant Ash Harrison who was surrounded by scandal.

They were snapped on a fair few dates but things did not last. He posted:

“If someone purposely, constantly disrespects you, they aren’t a good person. Simple.”


Ash Harrison

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Max Morely

Love Island star Max was one of Charlottes more suitable pairings – in our eyes – as they seemed to be long-lasting.

They had the same groups of friends and similar backgrounds of starring in reality television so they appeared to be a perfect fit.

And yet Charlotte Crosby split with Max to get back together with Gaz. *sigh*

Max complained that he saw it coming, claiming that Gaz clicks his fingers and Charlotte always comes running.

He said:

“Gary just uses Charlotte like a piece of string, and she’s a mug for going along with it.”

Charlotte Crosby and Max Morely

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Stephen Bear

This fella not only got his bear claws into Charlotte but fellow Geordie Shore housemate Vicky Pattinson too!

Vicky called him:

“the most vile, horrendous, snakey, conniving, and manipulative person”

Charlotte met the charmer on Ex on the Beach and from his former stellar reviews, the relationship was sure to be a success….

Rather unsurprisingly, the two split up… not very amicably. And for everyone’s viewing pleasure, the couple highlighted the heartbreak across their social media. Ah.

Sticking to reality stars, Stephen Bear went on to date Gaz Beadle’s ex Lilli Lexie. It’s a bit too close to home for our liking…

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

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Charlotte Crosby Boyfriends: Josh Ritchie

In 2017, Charlotte fell head over heels for boyfriend Joshua Ritchie (who also appeared on Ex on the Beach). He was four years younger than Charlotte came third in Love Island.

They were together for two years – basically forever when it comes to reality stars – yet in November 2019, they decided to part ways.

She took to Instagram to say:

“Me and Josh have decided to part ways. Sadly the relationship seems to have broken drown.

“Hoping we can still remain civil and wish him the best for the future.”

Their relationship played out on the MTV series, The Charlotte Show, showing her moving from Sunderland to Bolton.

Charlotte Crosby and Josh Ritchie

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However, since their split, Joshua announced that he was going on Celebs Go Dating and Charlottes desire to remain civil fell away.

She said:

“I’m not going to f***ing lie right, at one point we were on the verge of getting back and I said ‘I’ve been asked to do Celebs Go Dating’ but obviously I said ‘No I would never do that'”.

Later, the Geordie Shore star accused him of cheating and pondered:

“I think this is what people must do, they just get with us so that then they can get offered opportunities afterwards.”

And just in case words were insufficient, she posted a photo with a new potential boyfriend Chris Wright.

The DJ, who is based between Ibiza and Dubai, looked pretty happy with his arms grasped around her.


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I’ve found him @djchriswright ❤️

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