By Cara Dudgeon

5th February 2020

Love Island star Callum Jones has admitted he doesn’t feel any “sexual attraction” to his partner Shaughna Phillips


Image Source/ Radio Times

The 23-year-old scaffolder is currently separated from his partner on the ITV2 reality show as the boys are living with six new girls in Casa Amor, whilst the girls are spending time with six new boys in the main villa.

And on Tuesday (04.02.20), Callum revealed he is no longer attracted to Shaughna, after having his head turned by new beauty Molly Smith.

In a conversation with Finley Tapp, Callum said he wants to “take [Molly’s] clothes off” every time he looks at her, and feels a “sexual attraction” to her.

And when asked if he feels the same about Shaughna, he confessed:

‘No, I don’t’.

The news won’t go down well with the 25-year-old democratic services advisor though, as she has refused to get to know any of the other boys because her heart remains with the Mancunian hunk.

Meanwhile, Demi Jones and Nas Majeed may be set to have their romance tested too, as newcomer George Day confessed he could see himself in a couple with the 21-year-old style advisor.

He told her:

‘I feel like with you, I just bounce off your personality. I’m not gonna lie, you are mustard and I’m having you on toast, so fingers crossed, like… I’ve gotta lay it on thick. As soon as I walked in, it was you. Just for me, you stand out. Obviously you’re gorgeous’.

George even suggested the pair could spend “the rest of their lives” together.

He added:

‘I think if you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with someone – again, I’m not being too full on, but I think there’s no messing about for me now. This is not my usual tactic, but I think for you I’d push the boat out’.

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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