Brian McFadden/ Vogue Split - What Actually Happened?

By Cara Dudgeon

12th February 2020

Brian McFadden/ Vogue Split – What Actually Happened?

Although they may be happy with other partners now, the Brian McFadden/ Vogue split came as a shock to us all. Will they make the same mistakes again?

Brian McFadden Vogue Split - posing for a photo

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Let’s take it back to the start…

In early 2011 Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams met at the Krystle nightclub, Dublin, at a function.

Rather than trying to speak to Vogue, when Brian first met her, he did Madonna’s iconic dance move.

In an interview, singer Brian said:

‘We instantly clicked and talked non-stop for eight hours the night we met and I proposed eight months later.

‘Within three weeks she moved to Australia to be with me. Although it was a whirlwind romance, it was just so right from the beginning, so we knew it would work.

‘Meeting her was a life changer for me – she’s my soulmate. Getting married hasn’t changed anything – it was perfect anyway – but it has made us both feel quite grown up. We like nothing better than just staying in and spending time together as a couple when we’re not working’.

Seems like talking isn’t the only thing they did on the first night…

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Their marriage…

The Westlife star popped the question just eight months after the pair met. In order to keep their family and friends from Ireland and Australia happy they decided to marry in Florence, Italy.

Although they appeared to have a happy marriage on the outside, it’s true that the pair often bickered, especially in regards to Brian’s untidiness.

‘Happy’ wife Vogue Williams said:

‘Brian is the most unorganised person in the world.

‘He actually does nothing – if he was my flatmate I wouldn’t live with him.

‘Me and Brian fight all the time. We fight about the TV remote and stupid things like that. We definitely niggle at each other because we spend so much time together’.

The pair starred together on the ITV show, Stepping Out. The show has celebrity couples learn how to dance; Brian and Vogue came second!

Video Source/ YouTube

When Brian McFadden/ Vogue split…

Brian and Vogue were married for three years before they split up. In a Twitter statement, she said:

‘It is with sadness that Brian and I have made the tough decision to go our separate ways. We will always care greatly about each other, remain friends and we wish each other all the very best for the future. We have nothing else to say on the subject and we would like to thank our friends and family for their support during this difficult period. Vogue x’

Brian wrote the same on his account, but swapped the names round.

It may have shocked the public, but people who knew the couple personally say that they were not surprised, even Brian’s former manager Louis Walsh:

‘It’s always sad when a couple breaks up

‘I know both Brian and Vogue very well and I’ve great time for them both. But to be honest, when a marriage isn’t working then it’s better to call it quits.

‘This hasn’t come as a surprise from people who know them’.

Vogue’s life post-Brian…

Vogue was single for the first time in eleven years!

She told the Belfast Telegraph:

‘I think people are weirded out that I like being single.

‘People are like, “are you not going to go on a date?” And I’m like, “No, I’m not,I’ve been in relationships for, like, 11 years”. I like getting up, doing whatever I want, not telling anyone what I’m doing’.

In 2017, Vogue started to date former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews. In June 2018, the pair got married in his family estate and that September they introduced their first child, a son named Theodore.

Image Source/ Instagram

Brian’s life post-Vogue…

In 2016 he started dating Rochdale-based PE teacher, Danielle Parkinson. In December 2019, Brian popped the question!

Image Source/ Twitter

Brian admitted that he no longer speaks to his ex-wife!

He said:

‘I don’t speak to Vogue any more either.

‘It’s pointless. She’s married now and is having a baby.

‘I am delighted for her and I hope she has a lovely family.

‘(Spencer) is a great guy’.

However, he admits:

‘Not getting to see the dog is the worst part of it. Winston was my best mate and we wouldn’t leave each other’s sides.

‘Vogue and I were sharing the dog but that didn’t make sense any more and Danielle is allergic to dogs, so I gave him back to Vogue’.

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