Amber Rachdi Brother: Where Is He?

By Tharmini Kenas

25th February 2020

Amber Rachdi Brother: Where Is He?

Amber Rachdi has never truly experienced a normal life. From her childhood, through teenagehood and her early adulthood, Amber has always been overweight. 

Missing out on so many exciting experiences and meaningful moments, Amber’s life came to a standstill when she could no longer move without her wheelchair and became heavily dependent on her family.

However, it is never too late as she is now on her way for a better life. More about Amber Rachdi brother she is proud of, family she is grateful for and her life that she wants to reclaim! 

Who Is Amber Rachdi And What Is Her Background Story? 

Amber Rachdi brother

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Amber weighed around 160 pounds when she was a little girl aged five. When she was 16, she weighed more than a person and equipment put together. Her constant struggle with weight eventually led her to anxiety. 

Unsurprisingly, Amber turned towards food to deal with her anxiety. Apparently, she couldn’t stop eating. At 24 years old, Amber was bound to her house in Oregon with her parents and boyfriend. 

Her parents and her boyfriend named Randy cooked her daily meals and she ate big portions four to five times a day. Interestingly, she would feel hungry even when she was stuffed.

Amber Rachdi brother

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Since she felt peaceful when she ate, her family let her do just that. 

“I have a lot of anxiety and I am at peace when I eat.”

“I could be stuffed sick but I would still want to eat something if it was put in front of me.”

Her restricted lifestyle affected her relationship as the only times she went out were when she shopped for groceries with Randy using a mobility scooter.

Afraid of early death due to her obesity, Amber found it in her to try one more time and made her way to TLC’s weight loss show My 600-lb Life

Amber Rachdi’s Brother And His Fans…

Looks like Amber’s brother has got a small following of his own. It is totally normal for Amber to think that her brother is a cutie pie but when her followers agree rather too enthusiastically that he indeed is, Amber Rachdi’s brother is sure to be a handsome young lad. 

More interestingly, it appears that Amber Rachdi’s brother is not only handsome, but he is also smart! During an interview, when asked where is her brother, Amber revealed that, 

“Medical school, like the badass he is. The future Dr Rachdi is kicking butt and taking names.”

Having said that, Amber Rachdi’s brother also appeared to have gotten married and Amber dressed up like an angel for his wedding! 

Her Mindblowing Transformative Journey…


When she joined the reality TV show, Amber weighed 657 pounds and she can’t even stand for more than 30 minutes. But, as she was all set to turn her life around she did the necessary and successfully shed more than 400 pounds over the past few years. 

From Oregon to Houston, Amber made a fateful journey that gave her a new life. Amber met with the show’s resident weight-loss surgeon Dr Nowzaradan and consulted for a gastric bypass. 

Notably, her journey to Houston had enough hurdles that could put anyone off the track. From breaking her wheelchair to having to squeeze on the flight seats, Amber faced it all like a true champion. 

What Did The Doctor Say?


Unfortunately, the doctor was not very happy with her condition. The doctor pinpointed Amber’s parents and boyfriend as enablers and broke shocking news to all of them. 

He told them that he could only perform the surgery if she loses 20 pounds. 

Enough of being enablers, her family finally supported her as they should by moving from Oregon to Houston so that she can be close to the doctor. 

To her credit, Amber changed her eating habits and began to be independent. From cooking her own healthy meals to starting to exercise, Amber ignored her pain and preserved. 

Her hard work paid off! In three months, she lost 17 pounds and although it was less than what Dr Nowzaradan wanted, he agreed to perform the surgery. 

Remarkably, Amber went one step ahead and took care of her anxiety by consulting a counsellor so that she would never go back to food to deal with her anxiety. 

From Being Home-Bound To Regaining Her Freedom

Losing the pounds was only one part of her journey. From living with Randy without her parents, going for second date, going shopping without a mobility scooter to wearing double-sized clothes after wearing 6XL for so long, Amber is steadily creating a new life for herself. 

Her confidence oozes over her social media platforms where she has solid followers. For instance, she has 8218 followers on Twitter and a whopping 155k followers on Instagram

Her make-up photos and her sharing of weight loss experience are fast becoming an inspiration to many others out there. People are looking up to her and ready to make changes in their own lives to get a slice of what Amber got! 

She has so much zest for life, so much so that even breaking up with Randy didn’t put her off her plans for her new life! 

What’s Next For Amber? 


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Every once in a while, I feel beautiful.

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While she is giving talks at events and sharing her experiences through her social media platforms, she seems to be picky about the shows she wants to be a part of. 

Avoiding a particular show that made her uncomfortable, she said: 

“The experience was very disorganised and jarring and there’s not a whole lot I can say using my grown-up tact. They ran late, reshot difficult to replicate scenes, and really sort of acted like bullies. 

“When I would say I had a boundary I didn’t want crossed, their first reaction was always to threaten to postpone or cancel my surgery. I know the field producers don’t have that power, but they appeared to be used to using this tactic a lot on noncompliant cast members, which is next level unethical. 

“The very first producer I worked with tried to use this when I said I didn’t feel comfortable showering in the nude on camera. Needless to say, it didn’t work, and so there I am, filmed in a pink sports bra and briefers in my opening act. 

“That was my first experience with the company, which is a hell of a rough introduction.”

She Also Seems To Be Pretty Sorted With So Much Clarity! 


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NEW GLASSES OH MY GOSH I CAN SEE. Rationale for funky transparent frames: they don’t complete with my hugeass eyebrows. Victory!

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“I’m not going on TV again until it’s for doing something rad and accomplishing something. I don’t want the rest of my life to be solely measured in pounds lost.”

Apart from that, Amber is also extremely busy with her plans and goals…

“Weirdly enough, I want to learn to wrestle? And be strong and throw people and put on a good show? So if any of y’all know the radiant and amazing Stephanie McMahon… drop my name somewhere useful. 

“Outside of that, at some point I’m finishing my degree, working on a video game, and someday achieving a 10-minute mile. Skin surgery would be great but as I said before, that stuff is prohibitively expensive.”

Amber also throws some sensible humour around. Her reply on how to deal with haters who watch her eat is epic! 

“Eat your food obscenely. Lick it like you are doing dirty things to it. Drool a little. Let your eyes roll back in your head. 

“They’ll either look away embarrassed or bust up laughing. Screw them.”

Inspiring And Real, Here’s Amber’s Hopeful Words For Herself And For Anyone Looking For Hope…


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From the other day before my little brother’s wedding! #fatfashion #vintage #retro #plussizefashion #curvygirl

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Amber’s transformation is so vivid that it gives hope to so many people who are weighed down by their own weight. Apart from celebrities who embrace health and fitness such as Gemma Atkinson, Amy Tapper, and Johnny Vegas, Amber is the girl-next-door who made it happen! 

Going from someone who said this:

“I’ve tried so hard, so many times, to change the way I eat. But I can’t. I’m already such a failure. Why not just keep failing?” 

To someone who said this: 

“I’m shopping for myself, I’m eating healthy and I’m working out. I’ve taken control of my life.”

Amber has indeed come a long, arduous way. 

“I have hope. Now the world is open to me. I’m no longer Amber of one room, one house.”

You go, Amber! 

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