Alesha Dixon Children, Partner And Past Heartbreak

By Emma Moylan 4 years ago

Alesha Dixon Children, Partner And Past Heartbreak
The singer, dancer and presenter, who has been in the limelight for over two decades, can now add 'mother' to her resume so what do we know about Alesha Dixon's children?

Moving from Mis-Teeq member to a solo singer, Alesha has enjoyed a successful career in the spotlight and a healthy net worth of over £2.8 million.

We've watched her as a Britain's Got Talent Judge, alongside Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams - but what do we know about her life at home?

Here is everything you need to know about Alesha Dixon's children, partner and past heartbreak.

Who Is Her Partner Azuka Ononye?

Alesha and her partner Azuka Ononye have been dating since 2012. Although in 2017, Alesha introduced him as her husband on Michael McIntyre's Big Christmas Show, she was not wearing a wedding ring.

Azuka Ononye worked as a backup dancer for celeb names such as Tinie Tempah and Alexandra Burke.

Having started off as just friends, Alesha claimed that she played hard to get for about a year before she finally caved in and agreed to start dating officially.

After her blessing, their relationship was full speed ahead as Alesha's foot operation left her in need of constant care. Like all knights in shining armour, Azuka offered to care for her.  Speaking about the situation, Alesha spilled:
"I had the foot operation and I couldn’t walk and he was literally sleeping on the floor looking after me every day. ‘I was just looking at him thinking, “That is for better or for worse isn’t it.”

I looked a state, he was sleeping on the floor because I was on the couch, I couldn’t even get up the stairs. If he can carry me to the toilet then he’s a keeper."

Whilst Alesha has never confirmed nor denied being married to Azuka, some believe the lovebirds married in 2017.


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Alesha Dixon Children: Azura Sienna Ononye

Alesha and Azuka welcomed their first child in 2013; announcing the news on her 35th birthday.

Many fans were shocked by the sudden arrival, however, Alesha confirmed that when the news was announced on Britain’s Got Talent, she was already six months pregnant.

She tweeted:
“It seems quick because I was hiding it for so long! I was in my six month of pregnancy at the Britain’s Got Talent final!”


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Now six years old, Azura makes regular appearances on Alesha's social media, often accompanying her on set of her different television shows.

Alesha Dixon Children: Anaya Safiya

In true showbiz style, Alesha announced her pregnancy to the world during the Britain's Got Talent live semi-finals. More accurately, Ant and Dec did the announcing!

During a musical opening number, the presenting duo sang: "Alesha is expecting".

Whilst Alesha shrugged and pretended to be clueless, she couldn't keep a straight face for long as she broke out into a smile.

Chatting to Alesha, Ant and Dec asked her how she was feeling. The judge confirmed she was 'over the moon' as David Walliams joked it was his baby.

Posting to Instagram on her 41st birthday, Alesha posted a photograph confirming the arrival of baby Anaya. Just as she had six year prior with baby Azura.

Alesha captioned the post:
"Anaya Safiya 💜 born 20.08.19 💜

7 weeks ago this little angel came into our lives! As I celebrate my birthday today I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. 💜"

Alesha Dixon Children

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Why Did She Keep Her Pregnancies A Secret?

Most mothers tend to wait the three months before sharing the news that they are pregnant, Alesha decided to wait six. This is quite an impressive feat considering she is consistently in the public eye.

Yet why did the singer keep her pregnancy quiet until her last trimester?

The BGT Judge explained that whilst she never went out of her way to keep it quiet, she never feels a strong need to declare everything.

"I think everything in it’s time. I think the way the pregnancy was announced with Ant and Dec on the show was just really sweet, obviously at that point I couldn’t hide it any more." 

'Too Old' To Have Another Baby

The news of Alesha's second was all-the-more heartwarming as she had previously admitted to fearing that she was too old to have another baby.

A year before giving birth, Alesha admitted in an interview:
"I don’t know whether it will happen given my age but I adore the idea of a large family and I hope I will be lucky.

‘The love I feel for Azura is so pure and unconditional. The main thing is to enjoy her in the present and be philosophical about the future, because what will be will be."

The former Mis-Teeq member said that becoming a mother was 'hard and bonkers'.

She also confessed that there was no such thing as as a lie-in on weekends anymore.
"Sleep deprivation is the hardest thing. Everything else has been wonderful."

But luckily, the mother of two does believe it's easier the second time round as she said:
"It’s great the first time around you read every single book going and the second time you’re like 'I’ve got this'."


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Her Previous Partner And Heartbreak

Alesha is now living a happy life with her partner and two children but the path to get there hasn’t always been so fortunate.

The singer was previously married to rapper MC Harvey from So Solid Crew, tying the knot in 2005 however after a rocky marriage, it came out that her husband had been cheating with his co-star on the West End, Javine Hylton.

Speaking about the painful experience, Alesha was very transparent about her feelings at the time of the affair.

She explained:
"I didn't eat for a few days. I remember sitting on the floor in my house.

She recalls asking herself what she had done wrong, adding that she had even had thoughts about crashing her car when driving.
"It's not something I would ever do or was even close to doing. I just remember having a feeling when I was driving.

"I felt so low that I just thought I wouldn't care if the car crashed."

Alesha Dixon and MC Harvey

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Her Estranged Father

Alesha and her father Melvin have been estranged for eight years.

After the birth of his second grandchild, he opened up about how upset he was finding out about her pregnancy on the television.

He claims to suffer sleepless nights and begs her forgiveness so that he can meet his new grandchild.

Melvin said:
“It has been awful. It is torture seeing her on TV knowing she’s not part of my life any more,” he told the publication.

“I went to a friend’s house and Britain’s Got Talent came on the TV — I had to leave the room. I was too upset and, if I think about her before I go to bed, I cannot sleep.”

It is believed that Melvin left Alesha and her mother when Alesha was just four years old.

That rift was widened when Melvin reportedly lashed out at Alesha during an argument with her and her then-fiance MC Harvey.

In an interview, he confessed:
“Alesha shouted at me, ‘I am not f***ing scared of you’. I said, ‘I didn’t raise you to be scared of me’. And then, yes, I did slap her.” 

Melvin now wishes:
“I would love to see my grand-daughter, and when I first saw a picture of her in the paper I had a tear in my eye,”

“I heard Alesha was pregnant again from the news and had a huge lump in my throat. She didn’t even call me. I very much doubt I will see her new baby and I have never met my other granddaughter.”

Getting Back Into Shape

Speaking about the changes to her body, Alesha claimed that shaping underwear was now her best friend.

On her baby weight she joked:
"I call it my little kangaroo pouch, I sort of tuck it into things and it disguises it.

Alesha massively credited Spanx as her best friend and joked how hard it is to even get them on the first place.

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"When I had Azura I didn't leave the house for about two months. Here I am, Anaya is two months, and I'm already in America, I'm working and it all feels right and it feels good.

"I don't know if it's just the fact that she's my second and I'm more relaxed but I'm happy, so nothing feels stressful."

However, just five weeks after Alesha gave birth, she was back to work in a tight dress, showing off her fabulous figure.

Alesha is a judge on the panel of America's Got Talent which is why her return to work was so rapid.

Despite her flattering physique, Alesha denies going on any 'silly diets'.

She says:
"I’ve always allowed myself to let my body do what is naturally does"

She also credits a lot to her mother for helping out.
"I think getting help has really helped, having my mum around. Sleep is everything. Honestly, when you have more than five hours sleep with a new born baby, you can take on the world."

Could There Be A Third Child?

When asked if she would be having any more children in the future, Alesha admitted that she thinks she is done.

She did, however, concede that you can never say never.

Alesha Dixon's children are gorgeous but for now, four is the magic number.


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