By Tharmini Kenas

20th January 2020

Pete Wicks Mum, Dad And Relationship

Tattooed body, long hair, smart looks and charming personality will make anyone take a double turn. Pete Wicks certainly deserves more than a double take!

Except, when it comes to women, relationship, and loyalty there is no one quite like Pete to screw things up and make a mess out of himself. 

It may be because of his troubled childhood. Nevertheless, he has made quite something of himself in the entertainment industry. A remarkable feat, considering he had no special pass or privilege. 

Beneath all the rugged tattoos, there are interesting bits about Pete Wicks the attractive hunk! 

More about Pete Wicks’ mum, his troubled childhood, his love towards animals and his plans after 30! 

Who Is Pete Wicks?

pete wicks mum

Image Source/The Sun

Pete Wicks first appeared in Season 15 of British reality series The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). He is a love at first sight for those who appreciate luscious long hair, fascinating tattoos and amiable personality. This made him popular and soon he was participating in other reality TV shows as well. 

Previously, he was a thriving businessman with a flourishing portfolio before getting into TOWIE which transformed his life altogether. 

He reminisced that, 

“The show has turned my life upside down. Before that, I worked in the city for nearly 11 years.

“I had a fairly good job, I was a director of a company for years.

“We supplied consultant doctors to the NHS. It was a complete contrast to what I’m doing now.”

The TOWIE star made full use of the momentum and ventured into modelling after being introduced to the show as James Lock’s friend. He also started making personal appearances at clubs and events. 

Besides that, he also participated in reality TV shows such as Celebs Go Dating, Celebrity Island, and First Dates Hotel where he got into more controversies and drama but gained more fans and followers. 

Pete’s Loves Nicknames; He Even Nicknamed His Penis! 

pete wicks mum

Image Source/The Sun

It looks like Pete Wicks adore nicknames. So, he adopted ‘The Essex Pirate’ as his nickname. 

That’s perfectly understandable, but a nickname for his penis is definitely a little too much! 

However, Pete proved us wrong because he nicknamed his penis “My little one-eyed wonder.”

Albeit being incredulous, you have to admit that it’s quite creative and definitely funny! 

And, Who Is Pete Wicks’ Mum And Dad?

Enough about Pete, his tattoos, charms and nicknames, let’s delve into his family! 

Pete Wicks’ mum is Tracy Wicks and his parents divorced when he was just 11 years old. 

Following the divorce, Tracy Wicks raised him without much support from his dad who walked out on them. 

A Broken Home And A Broken Childhood

The arduous ordeal of his parent’s divorce and his dad walking out of their home permanently damaged Pete’s childhood. As a result, he was affected in more ways than one. 

First off, the divorce left him feeling vulnerable. Second, he had to be the man of the house and shoulder responsibilities way earlier than he should have. 

Losing part of his childhood and a parent couldn’t have been easy for an 11-year old kid. As a result, Pete has had relationship issues with all the women he dated so far. 


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Be at one with the doorway…🤷🏽‍♂️

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He elaborated that

“I looked up to my dad when I was a kid and then my mum and dad divorced when I was about 11. My dad sort of disappeared and it was my mum and me.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and it made me half the person that I am now really, I had to be the man.”

When asked how to be a man when you don’t have any man to look up to, Pete confessed, 

“Make a lot of mistakes and work out by your mistakes, what the right thing to do is. And I’ve made an awful lot of mistakes in my life.

“What it probably has done is to make it harder for me when it comes to relationships.”

“If I’m starting to get feelings for people, it makes me feel vulnerable.”

Pete Wicks Transformation, Over The Decade

The boy, however troubled he had been, had grown up to be a fine young man (almost too fine to even be recognisable after a decade!).

Uploading his latest passport photo side by side with one from 10 years ago on Instagram, he left us all dumbstruck! 

Pete Wicks might just take home the trophy for ‘The Most Remarkable Transformation’ in the #10yearschallenge . 

Expectedly, his fans and followers rushed to comment. While some were pleasantly astonished on how he had transformed, some were very sceptical if it was even him in both the photos. 

“Damn!! You definitely have gotten better with age!”

“This is literally like two different people.”

To give them credit, he does look like a different person altogether. You have to admit that he turned out to be a well-groomed one, nevertheless!

His Romantic Rendezvous Over The Years


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Happy birthday @chloe_simsstarship – the only person I know who gets younger as they get older! I’d be lost without you ❤️

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Love and relationship has been unlucky for Pete so far. Ostensibly, he has been a man of many women in the past till Megan came along. Staying true to his habit of one-night stands, Pete has perpetually slept with many women, relishing every moment of his singlehood. 

Recalling his wondrous adventures, he wistfully said, 

“From the ages of 17 to 25 I was f**king for fun. I was working in the city and trying to experience as much as I could and as many women as I could.”

“I’ve had amazing one-night stands and I’ve also had great sex in relationships. It depends on the circumstances at that moment.”

“It depends on your preferences, but if we both like the same things then we’re going to have a good time.”

However, quite remarkably he conceded that his relationship with Megan McKenna was the serious and longest relationship he ever had. 

Pete Wicks’ Romantic Rendezvous With Megan McKenna

pete wicks mum

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Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks were highly cheered upon couples in TOWIE. People loved them together and adored their lovely shenanigans until Pete lost his mind. 

Albeit being a toxic relationship, Pete admitted that his relationship with Megan had been the most significant relationship in his life. 

“She’s the person I was with for the longest and the person who had the biggest impact on me. But it was very toxic for both of us. And when you come out of something like that, you look back and think there were a lot of things that weren’t right about it.

“It was almost like we were caught in an obsession and brought out the worst in each other. When it was good it was great, but when it was bad it was really, really bad. That’s not healthy for anyone.”

Regrettably, things got crummy and it was all too chaotic too soon!

What Really Popped Their Bubble Of Romance?

pete wicks mum

Image Source/Digital Spy

After dating for about one and a half years, the couple broke up due to a major screw-up by Pete Wicks. 

Pete was sexting multiple women and unfortunate for him, Megan found out. 

After being confronted by Megan, Pete admitted that he ruined it all for the both of them. 

“I f**ked up because I never thought I deserved you in the first place.”

To which Megan emotionally retorted,

“You know I’ve been through this before and I didn’t have trust in boys and you’ve pulled the wool over my eyes.”

After the poignant episode, Pete flew home for a heart-to-heart with his friend James Lock. He even shed tears regretting his actions, but it was of course, too late.

Apart from Megan, his fans who rooted for him were furious when the episode was aired. 

Soon after the sore break-up with Megan, he moved on to holding hands, having dinner dates and posing for cute snap with Shelby Tribble, Georgina Elizabeth Mullins and Chloe Sims

Pete Wicks’ Mum’s Reaction

Let’s forget about the reaction of his fans and followers. What about the most important woman in his life, his mum? 

Despite being a celebrity’s mum, Tracy Wicks must have felt disheartened with the full episode that revolved around her son screwing up. 

Cheating is one, but doing it in front of a million audience is downright mortifying! 

Tracy Wicks responded to a tweet by Dan Edgar’s mum and inadvertently revealed that she was not very proud of her son after that episode. 

Why Did He Lash Out For His Mum? 

Ultimately, the mother-daughter duo is tight and we saw just how much when Pete stood up against his trolls for his mum!

Seemingly, some fans took a swipe at the way Pete Wicks’ mum brought him up and hurled abuse at her. Unfortunately, Pete wasn’t having any of it and in a lengthy Instagram post, he made his stand very clear!

“Just want to clear a few things up…not often I react to social media at all however in this instance I feel like I should say something.

“I am more than happy for anyone to tell me their opinion on me whether you like me, dislike me, love me or hate me…however when people are sending abuse to my mum with regards to how I may have been “raised”, you’ve crossed a line.


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Happy Mothers Day…I will never be able to put in to words how grateful and lucky I feel to be able to call you “mum”. ♥️

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“Not many people actually know me and for some of you to assume you do is not only stupid but pretty naive.

“We live in a very fickle world, full of fake, vacant, manipulative and generally nasty people…I’m OK with that and I’ll happily take your s*** but bringing my mum into it is a f***ing disgrace.

“In future direct all your abuse at me if you feel like venting your irrelevant opinions from behind a keyboard in some way makes you feel better, then crack on but keep your negative bollocks away from my family.”

He deserves the world’s best son trophy!

His Commendable Stand For Male Mental Health Crisis

Following the death of Love Island star Mike Thalassitis who was also Megan’s boyfriend, Pete appeared to be understanding and supportive of her agony. 

He even held social media trolls accountable for Mike’s death and called attention to the male mental health crisis. 

In an act of solidarity, he braved up and shared to millions of people about his own mental issue. 


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Happy on the inside…👀😂 . . . Bomber jacket available now at 🔥

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“It’s the stigma attached. As a man, you have a lot of pride and don’t want to seem weak. I’m guilty of that, I have dealt with it my whole life.”

“Even now when you have more men speaking out on social media. They say that’s not a real man, he’s crying all the time and it prevents people from speaking out.”

He also pointed out that

“Any time you go to anything, you put yourself in a position where everyone can judge you for everything you do.

“Does that mean being judged should happen? Not necessarily. Anything that happens in life you deal with close friends and family. When it’s heightened by everyone else having an opinion it’s harder.”

Is He An Animal Activist? Pete Wicks’ Mum Must Be A Proud Mum!

In a noteworthy effort to expose cruelty in the fur trade, Pete recently teamed up with the Humane Society International and went to fur farms in Finland. 


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DONT BUY FUR. Support @hsiukorg with their campaign to make us a #FurFreeBritain by signing this petition – ♥️

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Being raw and baring his emotions to his millions of fans after witnessing the callous and merciless acts that go on in the farms, Pete cried in a video he shared.  

“It was sickening, I really don’t believe that anyone who has seen the state of these poor animals – terrified and trapped in tiny cages – would ever wear fur again.

“It is great that the UK banned fur farming, but it doesn’t make sense that we’re still selling fur from farms like the ones I visited in Finland.”

Apart from being part of the Humane Society International team, he is also the patron of ‘Dogs On The Street’. He works with DOTS to raise awareness about their charity that provides round-the-clock care to neglected and mistreated dogs. 

Inarguably, Tracy Wicks must be proud to call herself Pete Wicks’ mum! 

Pete Wicks Wants To Settle Down Now That He’s Past 30!


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Guess who’s back in the game…👀

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Projecting into the future, Pete hopes to pursue his passion for animals and venture back into business. He also admitted that being in his 30s made him to think of starting a family. 

“Animals are a passion for me and I’d love to do more around that and raise awareness. 

“I’ve got my clothing brand Hermano, and a couple of other businesses I want to make as successful as possible. I don’t always know where I’m going, but I’ve always been fixed on where I want to be by a certain point.”

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