Love Island's Ollie Williams Given Inheritance Warning

By Cara Dudgeon

9th January 2020

Love Island hopeful Ollie Williams has been warned he’ll lose his £15 million inheritance if he has sex on TV

Image Source/ Evening Standard

The 23-year-old aristocrat – who is heir to the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall – was given a stern warning by his dad Andrew to think about his behaviour on camera.

He said:

‘Dad said he would write me out of the will. I said to him, “OK, brilliant”. Mum was like, “Oh my God”.’

But Ollie reassured his parents that he won’t be getting intimate on screen because he knows there’s a chance his grandmother would see the footage.

He added to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column:

‘I said to them I wouldn’t do it. I can’t see why that would change. My grandmother will be watching the show and that’s what I have at the back of my mind.

‘She hadn’t previously seen it but she was down for Christmas and my mum insisted on showing her some episodes’.

While Ollie is open about his lavish lifestyle on his social media accounts, he plans to keep quiet about his wealth on the show because he doesn’t want to attract women for the wrong reasons.

He admitted:

‘In the past, girls have never known about my money. They’ve never known until I have taken them home.

‘I’m not a snob. And I don’t brag. I’m very humble and understated.

‘The only way you find out is when you come down the drive. They see the estate and go, “What the f**k”.

‘It is the kind of reaction I get and it can be quite fun’.

Love Island – which is being filmed in South Africa – returns to screens on Sunday (12.01.20).

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