Love Island's Mike Boateng Locks Horns With New Boy Luke Trotman

By Cara Dudgeon

24th January 2020

Love Island’s Mike Boateng has already locked horns with new boy Luke Trotman over his partner Leanne Amaning

Image Source/ Birmingham Mail

The former police officer instantly felt intimidated by the new boy – who joined the villa alongside Justin Bieber-lookalike Luke Mabbott at the end of tonight’s show – as he feared he was more his partner Leanne Amaning’s type than he is and he made it quite clear he was willing to fight him for her.

As the boys made their appearance, Mike – who was watching from the balcony with the other lads – said in the hut:

‘Some of the mandem posted up next to me are definitely watching avidly, 100 per cent looking at their females, looking at their reactions. I know I was – and it was interesting’.

Once the boys were called down to meet the new Islanders, Leanne muttered to herself:

‘Oh I hope Mike doesn’t do anything. I hope this doesn’t turn aggy’.

After greeting one another, Luke T could already feel some bad vibes and he said to the cameras:

‘When the original boys came down, you could feel a little bit of tension. But honestly it was fine’.

Luke T and Luke M then went round the semi circle to find out the situation between the couples.

Mike, 28, said:

‘I’m with this beautiful girl to my right. Pretty much been together since the start’.

Luke M replied:

‘Yeah yous are cute together’.

Mike added:

‘I appreciate that, brother, I like you’.

Clearly feeling uncomfortable, Luke T asked:

‘I didn’t get that. Do you like me as well?’

The whole group went silent as Mike replied hesitantly:

‘You’re a nice guy’.

The former footballer had every right to feel concerned about his partnership as Leanne admitted earlier on in the show that she felt overwhelmed and wanted to slow things down between them.

Luke T was then asked by the public to go on a date with Siannise, while Luke M took Jess Gale.

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