Love Island's Eve Gale Claims Jess & Nas Majeed Had Secret Pact

By Cara Dudgeon

23rd January 2020

Eve Gale wasn’t surprised to be the first dumped on Love Island because her sister Jess and Nas Majeed made a secret pact

Image Source/ The Media Times

The 20-year-old beauty was the first to leave the Cape Town villa after Nas had to choose between the twins and she admitted she knew before he spoke she would be the one walking out as there was already an agreement in place.

Asked if she was annoyed that Nas picked Jess ahead of her, she said:

‘No, I am so happy he chose Jess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘They definitely spoke more, they had their pact as well, and I’m happy Jess is in there, I can live through her in the villa’.

Eve insisted it would have been “very odd” if she’d been chosen ahead of Jess.

Asked about the pact, she told

‘Jess and Nas decided they would be in a friendship couple, so I think it would’ve been very odd if he’d then coupled up with me when he was in a friendship couple with my sister’.

Nas previously claimed he had chosen Jess over Eve because he had spent more time with her.

Speaking before he picked his girl, he said:

‘First and foremost, I would like to say this is a very difficult decision for me. I have gotten to know both Jess and Eve very well over the past week, however, I would like to couple up with this girl because I feel like I’ve spent slightly more time with her and gotten to know her a little bit better. So the girl I’d like to couple up with is Jess’.

After the decision was made, the 23-year-old builder admitted it had been a touch choice to make.

He added in the Beach Hut:

‘Sending Eve home has been the hardest decision so far. I’m normally cool calm and collected, but that really had me on ropes’.

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