Love Island Villa 'In Quarantine After Crew Struck Down By Bug'

By Cara Dudgeon

16th January 2020

The Love Island villa is said to have been put “in quarantine” after some crew members were reportedly struck down by norovirus

Image Source/ Bustle

Each member of the ITV2 dating show’s crew have been given a medical pack, and workers who have been affected by the stomach bug – which causes vomiting and diarrhoea – have been told to stay in their hotel rooms.

An insider in Cape Town, South Africa, where the winter Love Island villa is based, said:

‘If the virus reaches the contestants then it could bring the show to a halt for three or four days.

‘Nobody is going to watch them throwing up or having the s****.

‘Everything is being done to quarantine the villa from the outside world so that bug doesn’t get in’.

It comes after a similar situation in the first series of the show, which began in 2015.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper:

‘There was a similar crisis in season one so people know what to do’.

Earlier this week, Islander Ollie Williams quit the show because he claimed he still has feelings for his ex.

And just days before winter Love Island debuted on Sunday (12.01.20), show bosses were said to fear aggressive baboons might invade the programme’s villa after a number of the pesky primates were spotted causing chaos in Cape Town.

A source said:

‘Obviously, the safety of the contestants is a top priority.

‘Nobody wants to risk baboons getting into the villa’.

In Cape Town, some of the baboons have been stealing food from restaurants, and one has even been nicknamed “Spag Bol Baboon” because he is a big fan of the meaty pasta dish.

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