KJ Apa Age, Who He's With Romantically & His Natural Hair

By Cara Dudgeon

14th January 2020

KJ Apa Age, Who He’s With Romantically & His Natural Hair

KJ Apa’s age has recently been a topic of heated debate when it was announced he is reportedly dating a 16-year old! What else is there to know about him?

KJ Apa Age

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What is his background?..

Actor KJ Apa, born Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa, was born on June 17 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand; making KJ Apa’s age, 22.

His parents are Tessa and Keneti, who is the chief – or matai – of his village. He has two older sisters: Arieta and Timena.

How did KJ start his acting career?..

In 2013, with no acting experience under his belt, KJ landed the role of Kane Jenkins in the New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street.

His character was brought onto the show to explore teen suicide and at one point, his character tried to kill himself with gas inhalation.

Many reviewers applauded the sensitivity both the show and KJ brought to the storyline, with many believing that it would help families and potentially save teenage lives.

He stayed in the soap opera until 2015, when he had to leave the show due to other work commitments in Hollywood.

Hollywood came calling…

KJ is best known for playing Archie Andrews in the high school based series, Riverdale.

However, finding him wasn’t exactly easy. After a four-month worldwide search he was found just three days before testing started in the studio.

One of the reasons as to why it was so difficult to find the ‘Archie’ is that the casting producers were only auditioning redheads, with one even saying:

‘I think we literally saw every redheaded young guy in L.A. It certainly felt that way’.

However, KJ isn’t naturally a ginger! In order to emulate Archie, KJ has recently revealed:

‘I have to go to the salon every two weeks to get it dyed and bleached and stuff.

‘It’s not my favourite thing to do, but obviously I’ve got to do it because the roots keep coming up and my hair grows really fast’.

The first time he dyed his locks, he was in the chair for ten hours trying to find the perfect shade of orange!

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The popular TV show has been renewed for a fifth season!

KJ Apa’s age and his dating life…

Unlike his Riverdale co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, KJ isn’t dating any of his co-stars.

It is rumoured that KJ is dating Corrine Isherwood, a Canadian model who is just sixteen-years old!


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Riverdale is filmed in Vancouver, Canada, so their paths definitely could’ve crossed…

What else has he starred in?..

Despite having limited acting credits, KJ has actually been in some well-received movies.

His first film role was as a teenage Ethan Montgomery in the 2017 comedy drama film, A Dog’s Purpose.

He has since had roles in The Hate U Give (2018) and The Last Summer (2019).

KJ has two movies in post-production: I Still Believe – which is scheduled for release this March – follows the story of Christian singer, Jeremy Camp and his first wive’s cancer story. He is also in Altar Rock, which is yet to have a release date.

KJ’s interest in Christian-based stories may come from his own religion, as he is openly a Christian.

What else is there to know about KJ?..

KJ has a tattoo to commemorate his heritage.

KJ Apa age and tattoo

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Speaking about the tattoo’s story in an interview, he said:

‘My dad’s father was a high chief.

‘And the family agreed my dad would take over his chief title – Tupa’i.

‘Later, we decided to get a tattoo to commemorate that’.

His Samoan background is obviously important to him, as he is keen to add more designs to his arm to create a sleeve.

He also plays guitar! As has been seen on Riverdale.

Before he became famous, he released a solo guitar album when he was 14.

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