Kate Garraway Age – From TV Presenter to Australian Jungle

By Lynda Keleer

6th January 2020

Kate Garraway Age – From TV Presenter to Australian Jungle

Kate Garraway’s resume is a bright and shining one.

The multi-talented TV presenter has many trades to her name.

Kate Garraway

From being behind the scenes as a journalist to TV presenter for Good Morning Britain.

Recently, she’s also appeared as a contestant on the famous reality TV show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

She appeared alongside other famous celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner, Andrew Maxwell and Nadine Coyle.

How did she do in the Australian jungle? How many slugs did she have to stomach?

We’ll find out all about her jungle experience, and more!

Keep scrolling as we uncover Kate Garraway’s age and all we need to know about the reality TV star.

Who is Kate Garraway?

Kathryn Mary Garraway was born on 4th May 1967.

From her recent appearance in famous reality TV show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, you wouldn’t guess the TV presenter’s age.

You also wouldn’t have guessed it from her smooth, glowing skin.

Kate married her former ITV meridian boss Ian Rumsey in 1998 but they divorced shortly after in 2002.

Then in 2005, she married husband Derek Draper and the couple had two children.

Draper was a political aide to Peter Mandelson, who was the centre of the famous political scandal “Lobbygate”.

Their daughter Dacey was born on March 10th, 2006 and son William on July 28th, 2009.

Kate has a close relationship with her family, regularly posting about them on her social media.

Kate Garraway Age – Before the Jungle

Now that we’ve gotten to know more about the reality TV star, let’s take a look at her life before the big screen.

What did she do before this?

Kate Garraway the jungle

Kate Garraway joined ITV Central as production journalist, reporter, and news presenter in 1994.

In 1996, her talent was noticed by her boss who saw her presenting a three-minute bulletin on ITV Central.

This led her to become the co-presenter of the South East edition of ITV News Meridian.

In 2000, Kate Garraway still at a young age, went on to work for GMTV.

She was an entertainment editor for the show when GMTV changed to Daybreak.

She then went on to replace Christine Lampard as the main presenter.

However, her time was short as Lorraine Kelly soon took over.

When Daybreak was taken over by Good Morning Britain, Kate became co-presenter where she appeared twice a week.

The talented broadcaster appeared alongside other famous broadcasters Ben Shepherd and Susanna Reid, and Piers Morgan.

Fans have always admired Garraway’s effortless and chic glam despite presenting in the wee hours of the morning.

If you’re an avid fan of the show, you’d probably also remember that time when her phone started ringing on air.

Besides broadcasting, Garraway also did a few cameo appearances on films such as Sharnado 5 and The Lego Ninjago Movie.

She also authored a book titled “The Joy of Big Knickers (or learning to love the rest of your life)” in 2017.

Her book takes on an interesting and humorous outlook on ageing and strongly recommend you give it a read!

How old is Kate Garraway?

Kate Garraway and Andrew Maxwell, her partner, sensationally failed to make it as one of the power pairs in episode I. The next night, Garraway, together with a few of the other contestants, visited the rough camp as the subsequent episode went on air.

Kate Garraway and Andrew Maxwell

In the jungle, Kate was forced to sleep on the floor together with Maxwell, Jenner, and Jacquiline Rosa, a former actress of the Eastender. Also sprawled on the floor were former rugby player James Haskell and soccer star Ian Wright.

In the meantime, Myles Stephenson, the X Factor star, radio DJ Adele Roberts, Kemp, and Coyle all retired in their comfy hammocks, enjoying a sumptuous meal of Kangaroo meat.

Soon before getting into the jungle, Garraway admitted that she was actually terrified of everything in the jungle, particularly the heights. She is quoted saying:

 ‘It is the crazy heights on thin bits suspended on bits of metal or wood.’

“Or if you are in a little box with creepy crawlies or snakes in it!

Garraway, however, said that she was excited about being in the show. Why? She quipped:

“Because as you get older, you realize you don’t get many chances for pure adventure in life.”

Kate Garraway has recently turned 52.
(Find out how her age compares to Sandra Redknapp, Pippa Middleton, Kady McDermott, and Your Favourite Reality Stars).

Kate Garraway Rocks a Bikini on Live TV

Before her celebrity stint, Kate Garraway, the celebrated TV personality, went sugar-free and cut down considerably on booze. The effect is that she lost two stone, sizing up significantly.

Kate Garraway Rocks a Bikini

On Sunday when the ITV show was installed, Kate sensationally rocked a bikini, slipping into a striking, racy, red-colored two-piece. At this time, she shared a shower with her partners, Caitlyn Jenner and Nadine Coyle.

This ‘dress revelation’ with the jungle shower came shortly after Kate had hinted on her hesitation to ever strip on the show, fearing that her body was plain ‘ordinary.’

Regardless, in scenes telecast on the Sunday show, Kate came out looking quite sensational. She wore a bright red attire, with a halter neck top. The top came with a tie detail going to the bust. This matched pretty well with the high-waisted bottoms.

The TV queen’s cleavage-revealing scarlet number fantastically showcased what may well be described as the fruits of her labor. What is more, her slender arms, toned stomach, and pins featured quite prominently on full display.

Kate looked relaxed and quite happy in her bikini, chatting animatedly with fellow campmates. At this juncture, she appeared questioning Caitlyn keenly regarding her fitness.

The star rushed to hospital after Fears of a Heart attack- ‘It’s bad.’

Kate Garraway, who was the latest contestant to bundle out of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ was rushed to the hospital recently as an emergency case. This happened after the TV bird, who is a favorite with many, feared for her health, believing she was having a heart attack.

The 52-year-old TV queen, who greatly entertained viewers with some cheeky quips on I’m a Celebrity, an ITV series production, recently bared all about the shocking experience when she had to be rushed to the hospital quickly after suffering scaring severe chest pains.

I’m A Celebrity star stuns her hosts with ‘tongue action.’

The jungle TV favourite readily admitted that for a moment she feared for her life, believing that three years ago she had actually suffered a heart attack.

Kate graphically revealed the details in her book, ‘The Joy of Big Knickers’:

“By the weekend, I’d started to feel crushing pains in my chest.

“By Monday morning, there was no ignoring the pains – sharp stabbing ones now, making it agony to breathe in or out.”

Kate believed that the traumatic situation was caused by many years of partying. She came to believe that her worst fears were now getting confirmed.

She elaborated:

 “My chest was feeling tighter by the minute, and I was out of breath, just climbing the stairs.

“Oh my God, I thought, this is really bad. I tried not to, but suddenly all I could think of was all the partying.”

The surprising admission by the star comes shortly after the breakfast host was captured lugging boxes while moving homes.

Fortunately, after the medics did an ECG on the jungle contestant, Kate was later relieved when told that, after all, she didn’t have a heart attack.

Get Me Out of Here!

It was her kids that we should thank for her participation in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Her daughter Darcey commented:

“Mum was very nervous and quite reluctant, but Bill and I really wanted her to do it. I think she will be okay sleeping outside with the animals, but she’s more nervous about eating and skydiving.”

Her kids also reportedly prepared her for the show.

Kate joked:

“Darcey really got into the last couple of series and kept saying: ‘You should do this Mum, you should eat that slug from the garden or jump off that wall, to practise.’”

Talk about family support!

Her whole family also flew out together to Australia to support their mother.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the famous star was stopped on her way to the jungle because she bought too much fake tan!

Their support was much needed after what she had to go through during her bushtucker trial.

If you didn’t watch that episode, we suggest you do. Or don’t, if you have a fear of the creepy crawlies.

Besides all this, let’s not forget when the talented broadcaster surprised us with her dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing.

She and partner Anton du Beke finished 8th out of the 14 couples but she inspired us all.

Kate Garraway has done so much and is doing even more at her impressive age of 52 years old.

After receiving so much positivity from fans for her appearance on reality TV, we’re hopeful to see more of the talented star!

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