Jess Wright Boyfriend: Her Relationship History

By Juliet Smith

16th January 2020

Jess Wright Boyfriend: Her Relationship History

Who is Jess Wright’s boyfriend? We’re taking a look at her relationship history…

From dating a professional dancer to her TOWIE co-stars, Jessica Wright has had a number of high profile relationships since rising to fame on ITV2’s The Only Way Is Essex.

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Unfortunately for the TOWIE babe, things haven’t worked out in previous relationships, but she’s since bagged herself a new boyfriend and it’s looking like he might be Mr (W)Right…

Let’s take a look at the model turned businesswoman’s relationship history…

Ricky Rayment

Back in 2012 when TOWIE was only four series old, Ricky Rayment began a fling with Mark Wright’s sister. The pair had a tumultuous, on/off relationship for two and a half years which was played out in front on the TOWIE cameras before splitting in November 2014.

The couple parted ways after Jess revealed she’d found flirty Twitter messages sent by Ricky to other girls.

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He said:

‘I was young and stupid and made a few mistakes’.

Although the couple’s friends implied that Ricky sent the messages because of his immaturity, Jess said:

“Everyone needs to stop blaming his age – that’s not the reason we broke up.”

“I heard that he’d picked out a ring for me and that he was going to propose. If he really is such a little kid then why would have done all of that?”

Pete Wicks

The pair has two years of flirting, but unfortunately, their relationship never progressed any further than a few cheeky comments.

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Speaking about their relationship, Pete said:

“We’ve always been really flirty. Jess is such a sweet girl but there’s just not that extra spark for us so that’s all it will be.

“We’ll all miss Jess as she’s been on the show a long time, but I’m sure we’ll stay friends and I’ll see her soon.”

Lewis Bloor

Although the pair never really became an item, they did share a steamy kiss. Lewis kissed and told:

“I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me. I went over to her place to watch TV, then she went into her room to put a top on. When she came back out, she came between my legs and kissed.”

jess wright boyfriend

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Luke Pasquilino

Michelle Keegan’s co-star Luke Pasquilino has had a long string of famous flings, including Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and TOWIE star Chloe Lewis. In November 2016, he was thought to go on a few dates with Jess.

A source close to the pair said:

“Luke’s really been playing the field this year and taking advantage of being single but dating Jess was a real surprise.”

But unfortunately, things didn’t last long:

“They both tried to keep their romance under wraps but it didn’t take long before she saw through him and pulled the plug.” 

“She told pals he was just a player and she wasn’t interested.”

Giovanni Pernice

jess wright and giovanni

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After several months of dating and going public with their relationship, the TOWIE star and the Italian dancing sensation parted ways.

The dancer’s friend said:

“He was really into Jess and did want to make a go of it, but he struggled with the attention she gets and her popularity.

“They’ve tried to keep things amicable and told people they have both agreed to go their separate ways, but he was the one who first suggested things were going to end.

“She has been really upset by this. It’s a real shame but hopefully things will stay civil.”

Jess Wright’s Boyfriend… William Lee-Kemp

After secretly dating her newest BF for around a year, Jess FINALLY went public with him at the Lion King premiere in July last year.

The 34 year old explained why she kept her blossoming romance with businessman boyfriend William Lee-Kemp away from the public eye:

“Because, in the past, I’d been quite pressured to come out with someone and he wasn’t like that, which I was very grateful for.

 “I wanted us to have our own time first before I introduced him to this world because it’s very intense.

“When he has to do red carpet events with me and stuff – he’s not really into all that so I didn’t want to force it upon him in the beginning.”

“He just lets me get on with it, if it’s a lovely evening then of course he’ll do the carpet with me but otherwise he just lets me get on with it.”

Things Are Going Well…

After revealing the identity of her mystery man, Jess said:

“He’s lovely, he’s calm, he’s nice, he’s got a great personality. He’s got no temper about him he’s a really calm guy so I like him.”

“He’s wonderful I’m so happy.

“It’s amazing that this year I found love with him.” 

Things seem to be going well with Jess Wright’s boyfriend so far… let’s hope it continues!

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