By Juliet Smith

31st January 2020

Gemma Gallagher: Liam’s Four Kids By Four Different Women

Lennon, Gene, Molly and Gemma Gallagher, who are Liam’s four children?

When you’re one of Britain’s biggest rock stars and you’ve got four kids by four different women, Father’s Day probably proves a bit of a problem.

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But apparently, Liam lives a surprisingly normal life despite his children living in different homes.

So, who are his kids and who are their mothers? Let’s find out…

How Many Kids Does Liam Gallagher Have?

Liam Gallagher has four kids – two boys and two girls. Liam’s sons are called Gene, 16, and Lennon, 18 and his daughters are Molly, 21 and Gemma, 7.

Who Is Lennon?

Born on 13 September 1999, Lennon is from Liam’s marriage to actress Patsy Kensit, whom tied the knot in 1997. He’s now 18 years old and looks the spitting image of his dad! Patsy and Liam divorced in 2000, but Lennon remains close with his dad.

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Liam’s Second Son Gene

Gene, Liam’s second son, was born on 2 July 2001. His mum is the singer Nicole Appleton, who married Liam in 2008.

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His First Daughter Molly

Molly Mooris is now 21 and Liam’s oldest child. Molly’s mother is singer Lisa Moorish, who had an affair with Liam while he was with Patsy Kensit (in fact, just one week after their wedding!).

In spite of their now close relationship, Liam and Molly only met properly last year.


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In February 2018, Liam revealed that he’d not met either of his daughters, speaking of Molly, he said:

“I’ve just never got around to meeting her. I’ve heard she’s all right, though.”

He added:

“But I wish them well. If they ever need anything, give us a shout.”

A couple of months later, Liam met his daughter for the first time:

“Yeah, man, there were tears and all that.”

“Me and Molly met in a pub across the road. Then we came here, got really drunk and that was really good.”


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Molly Always Knew Liam Was Her Dad

Despite growing up without him being part of her life, Molly says she has always considered Liam to be her dad. She said:

“It was always a known, spoken-about thing. It was just . . .  when it feels right, it will happen.”

“I don’t have any anger. I’m 21 now. I’m actually thankful for how I was brought up with my mum and how my life’s been. It’s all happened the way it was meant to happen. We just got on and I’m happy to have him now.”

Expressing his regret that he didn’t meet his daughter earlier, Liam wrote the song Now That I’ve Found You about Molly on his album Why Me? Why Not.

“You can’t live in the past, you just have to draw the line and get stuck in with some super love going forward.

“I hope she doesn’t get sick of me, you know what I mean?”

Molly seems to be at peace with Liam’s decision not to meet her until she was 21, she said:

“I don’t have any anger. I’m 21 now. I’m actually thankful for how I was brought up with my mum and how my life’s been. It’s all happened the way it was meant to happen. We just got on and I’m happy to have him now.”

Gemma Gallagher – The Daughter Liam Hasn’t Met

Liam has one child who he still hasn’t met – Gemma, who is the six year old daughter of journalist Liza Ghorbani. The parents – Liam and Liza – had an affair while he was married to Nicole Appleton.

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What Are The Kids Relationship With Each Other?

The three siblings – who have met – formed a very special sibling bond in a short space of time.

Molly admitted:

“We all know a lot of famous kids from our parents’ friends.

“But when I met Gene and Lennon, it’s different. They’re both so down to earth compared to a lot of people you meet in that scene.

“We’ve got a lot in common, even though we haven’t been around growing up. It was really natural and normal straight away.”

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The family admitted they don’t really talk about their feelings with each other, Gene revealed:

“No, we just get p***ed.”

But Liam added: “No, that’s not true. If something needs to be said then it gets said, but it’s normally in a pub or when we’re on holiday. Touch wood, nobody’s had any problems.”

Just Gemma Gallagher to meet…

Do They Like Their Dad’s New Partner?

Liam’s new partner Debbie Gwyther, who is also his manager, gets on well with his kids.

“The lads get on with her really well, and vice versa.”

“And so they should, ’cos she’s good to them — everyone’s good to each other.”


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Molly also revealed:

“I feel like Debbie’s a best friend and a big sister and a stepmum all in one.”

And Liam obviously loves Debbie as well:

“Me and Debs love each other. We have a good laugh and as much as she runs around after me, I run around after her. I don’t know, she sees something. I hope she sees the right things.”


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