Ferne McCann Lips – Are They Real?

By Lynda Keleer

16th January 2020

Ferne McCann Lips – Are They Real?

Ferne McCann is a prominent figure in English Television. We’ve seen her in various famous English reality TV series such as The Only Way is Essex and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 

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Ferne mccann lips

McCann’s chic style and well-kept look has always gotten our attention.

We DIED when we saw her glamorously exit an interview in an 80s style houndstooth print mini dress with white boots.

But recently, the media has been speculating over something ‘new’ that she’s spotting.

Is it a new Handbag? Or did she get something done?

Keep reading as we investigate why Ferne McCann lips have been the talk of the town.

Are they real?

Lip filler or lip liner? Let’s find out!

Ferne McCann – The Gossip Hottie

Before we get to the juicy gossip on Ferne McCann and her eye-catching lips, let’s first get to know the former model.

Ferne Alice McCann was born on August 6th 1990 in Brentwood, Essex.

If you’re as obsessed with reality TV shows as we are, then you’re probably used to seeing her on telly.

She’s not only a reality TV star, but also a TV presenter, being a regular showbiz reporter on This Morning.

McCann joined the ninth series of the famous The Only Way Is Essex, which put her our spotlight.

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She then finished in third place in another famous series I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of here!

Star Ferne McCann is a single parent. Her daughter Sunday Skye was born on November 2nd 2017.

Where is her baby daddy you asked?

Ferne’s now ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Arthur Collins, has been charged with a nightclub acid attack in London.

Arthur Collins is currently serving his time in jail I don’t think we’ll be seeing him anytime soon.

The TOWIE star ended her relationship with the convicted felon to raise her daughter Sunday, as a single parent.

Ferne said to OK! Magazine:

“I’ll play it by ear but I want to be a working mum, so the baby is going to go to work with me.”

And she did it!

Ferne is also the star of her own ITVBe reality series Ferne McCann: First Time Mum, while raising Sunday as a single parent.

Ferne McCann Lips – The Reality!

And now we get to the hot gossip of the week.

Pillowy, luscious, and over-lined are some of the words being used to describe Ferne McCann and her lips.

I mean sure, the TOWIE star was STUNNING while walking around Marbella.

Ferne McCann lips 1

But we also couldn’t take our eyes off her full pout.

So, are Ferne McCann’s lips real?

Thankfully, the former model has set the record straight.

Ferne has denied the rumours saying:

“It’s so annoying when people say I’ve had work done! Well, to set the record straight, no I have not had my lips done or anything else for that matter.”

“Yes I love a good pout but it doesn’t mean I’ve had my lips done.”

McCann then went on to reveal that her pouty lips were achieved with excessive amounts of lip liner.

Okay ladies, do we believe her?

Fans are finding it quite hard to believe as she also had a nose job earlier this year.

Maybe she got a 2-for-1 deal and couldn’t help it?

Nevertheless, there you have it, Ferne McCann has come out to deny her lip filler rumours.

Maybe Ferne’s doing a “Kylie”.

Remember when Kylie Jenner also denied her lip filler allegations and thanked lip liner for her pout?

She then came out years after admitting that she indeed, had lip fillers.

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