Ellie Paskell: From Star To Self-Love Expert

By Tharmini Kenas

29th January 2020

Ellie Paskell: From Star To Self-Love Expert

Ellie Paskell can boast of a massive transformation and a complete change-over in the past decade. 

She can also claim that she has pursued unconditional peace and joy. She has walked the unconventional path to rediscover herself. 

Quite remarkably, she has changed her life from being a thriving actress to a successful self-love expert who practices and teaches mindfulness. 

The Actor Who Was Making Her Way Up…

Ellie Paskell

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Ellie Paskell started acting when she was 11 years old. She joined the Carol Godby Theatre Workshop where she worked on Holby City, Children’s Ward, and Tonight With Trevor MacDonald

According to Ellie, her school Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society (PADOS) helped her to embark on the acting journey. 

“The drama I did at school was hugely important to me and helped to confirm my desire to be an actress. I owe so much to Susan Elles, the head of drama.”

She had also pursued a degree in the Guildford School of Acting (GSA). 

Ellie Paskell’s Line Of Work


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After Children’s Ward in 1989 and Holby City (Lisa Faulkner was part of the series too!) in 1999, Ellie Paskell was also a part of Shameless in 2004 before embarking on BBC’s TV series of Waterloo Road in 2006. 

In 2008, she acted in Ashes to Ashes, Bro, The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan and lastly, Chippy Tea in 2017. 

Ellie Paskell’s Appearance In Waterloo Road Turned The Spotlight Towards Her…


She was basking in the glory of being recognised by people after her appearance in the series. 

“Someone said hello to me the other day. I didn’t have a clue who they were, but they obviously thought I lived on their street, or I was their cousin’s girlfriend or something.

“I find they look at me and they think they know me, but they don’t know where from.”

So, Why Did Ellie Paskell Took A Leap Of Faith?


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In the midst of basking in the work and glory her acting brought her, she was hit by a realisation that being an actress didn’t make her feel enough. 

She wanted to feel unconditionally wonderful and to be in touch with the beauty of life. 

Apparently, for 23 years she was ticking her lists and it was all about making it to the top. Inadvertently, a feeling of fatigue engulfed her. The toxic cycle went on for four years before she realised that all she wanted was unconditional peace and joy. 

“However frightening it was to release my career, relationship and fast-paced life – however wild it seemed to commit to healing my body and soul – the joy I felt as I did so was stronger than any doubt.”

Ellie Paskell On Her Way To Unconditional Joy And Peace…

Following the path towards happiness, she took off to Thailand in 2013. There, she practised medication for about a year before returning to the UK and started practising as a wellbeing coach. 

She now identifies as a Somatic Soul Coach and conducts coaching programs aimed at evolving one’s life. The programme involves private coaching sessions with Ellie Paskell, email support from her, weekly soul actions, and nourishment of the nervous system. 

Apart from that, she also conducts courses, retreats, webinars and self-love Sundays to promote mindfulness. 

Fun Fact: Self-love Sundays is online gathering that happens once a month and involves guided meditations, experience sharing and guest coaches and speakers. 

“And it is from this prioritising of wellbeing that happiness, creativity and productivity grow like wildfire. I intend, each day, to find balance between doing and being; between being wildly creative and sometimes very, very still.

“It is this dual capacity for dynamic creation and stillness that I bring to all I do.”

Ellie’s Certifications And Credibility…

Ellie got her teaching certificates from Breathworks before starting her own practice. 

She has the Mindfulness Teacher Training Advanced Level Certificate, Mindfulness Teacher Training Introductory Level Certificate, and Mindful Movement Teacher Training Certificate.

Evidently, she has been thorough in her pursuit of happiness and more remarkably, in spreading happiness to others. But, did it all work? 

One of the testimonials from those who have attended and gained from her programme goes like this: 

“Ellie is a wonderful, inspiring and empowering teacher who is authentic and walks her talk. She is so attentive to everyone’s needs and I would recommend you to go to an event she is running, or have a one-to-one session if you feel that you need to bring some peace and balance into your life.”

And, that right there is enough proof that Ellie Paskell is nearing her goal of spreading joy and happiness…

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