Curtis Pritchard Dreams Of Dancing With Brother AJ

By Cara Dudgeon

8th January 2020

Curtis Pritchard dreams of dancing with his brother AJ

Image Source/ OK! Magazine

The former Love Island contestant revealed the Strictly Come Dancing professional would be his dream partner.

He told the Metro newspaper:

‘I’d like to dance with my brother. That would be my dream’.

Curtis – who has appeared on the Irish version of Dancing with the Stars – added that he and AJ, 25, “have each other’s back” in the competitive world of ballroom dancing, although if they’re pitted against each other they will try to “win”.

He explained:

‘If we’re in a competition we both want to win but we’re best friends and we have each other’s back’.

The 23-year-old star – who is the receptionist on BBC One show The Greatest Dancer – revealed that he would also choose AJ as his final dance partner if he had to pick one person before the world ended.

He said:

‘I’m going to choose my brother again. We’ve always been there for each other. He’d be the last dance for me’.

Meanwhile, Curtis is frustrated that there is still debate over same-sex couples on ‘Strictly’.

He added:

‘It frustrates me that it’s still a question. Dance is dance, regardless of who’s doing it. You can express so many different things through dance. It gives you the room to say whatever you want’.

And Curtis, who met his girlfriend Maura Higgins during his spell on Love Island, admitted that he isn’t worried about being in the spotlight.

He said:

‘It doesn’t faze me. I’m just a 23-year-old lad who can’t really believe all the incredible opportunities that are coming my way. I don’t get enough sleep, that’s for sure, but sleep can wait’.

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