Connor Durman Dumped From Love Island

By Cara Dudgeon

28th January 2020

Connor Durman has been dumped from Love Island

Image Source/ The Media Times

The 25-year-old coffee bean salesman was up for elimination alongside his partner Sophie Piper after they were voted as the least favourite couple by viewers on Sunday (26.01.20), and after the decision was left up to their fellow islanders, it was revealed on Monday (27.01.20) they chose to kick out Connor.

Announcing their decision to save 21-year-old Sophie, Mike Boateng said:

‘This has been a really hard decision for us, because we love both Connor and Sophie, not just as friends but as family. And seeing either of them leave would be a massive blow to all of us.

‘We have decided to save this islander because they are an amazing person, they bring a lot of positive energy to the villa, we feel like if they were to stay, they would make the most of the opportunity. The islander we would like to save, is Sophie’.

Whilst Connor was upset by the decision, he ultimately just wants to see Sophie “be happy and follow her heart”.

He said:

‘Leaving the villa without Sophie is not nice, but I just want her to be happy and follow her heart. Whatever that means. Whether she meets someone else or waits for me’.

After Connor left, Sophie broke down in tears as she considered leaving the villa with him, rather than staying to try and find love with someone else.

Whilst crying to Shaughna Phillips about the shock dumping, she said:

‘It’s just a s**t situation. I don’t know what to do. I feel like if he was picked [to stay], he would have left with me. It’s just so s**t’.

Ultimately Sophie decided to stay in the villa, and with the introduction of new hunk Wallace Wilson she might find love again sooner rather than later, as the personal trainer selected her as one of three girls to go on a date with.

Love Island airs every night on ITV2 at 9pm.

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