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15th January 2020

Charlotte Crosby Mum: Inside Their Relationship

Being a celebrity comes with fame, controversies, scandals, unsolicited opinions, nasty remarks, and whatnot. As such, being a part of controversy is not new to Charlotte Crosby. 

But, Charlotte Crosby’s mum didn’t sign up for anything that comes with a celebrity. Unfortunately, Charlotte Crosby’s mum had gained popularity lately and along with it comes the inescapable attention. 

Amazingly, her mom had emerged unscathed and unaffected. In fact, she had been nothing short of an amazing sport and a great support for Charlotte. Their relationship has fans and followers admiring them and rooting for them. 

Who is Charlotte Crosby? Who is Charlotte Crosby’s mum? And what is the big deal about their relationship? 

Who Is Charlotte Crosby?

charlotte crosby mum

Image Source/The Sun 

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby is an English TV personality. She participated in MTV’s reality series Geordie Shore and she was also the winner of Season 12 of Celebrity Big Brother. 

She is also the presenter of Just Tattoo of Us and her own show, The Charlotte Show since 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

Her latest adventure is I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (AU)

Fun Fact: Before she was all set to be Geordie Shore star, Charlotte was planning to pursue Criminology at university!

Apart from these series and her very own show, she had also appeared as a panelist for series such as This Morning, Britain’s Got More Talent, Xtra Factor, Loose Women and Celebrity Juice. 

More interestingly, Charlotte has also published her autobiography titled ME ME ME in July 2015. Not stopping at one book, she continued to publish her first health and fitness book titled Live Fast, Lose Weight: Fat to Fit that comprises tips and tricks to keep fit and 80 healthy recipes. 

She then went on to publish her second health and fitness book titled 30 Day Blitz. 

Quite an unstoppable woman, isn’t she? 

She Almost Died…And She Got Cheated On

charlotte crosby mum

Image Source/Planet Radio

When she was in a relationship with another Geordie Shore star, Gary Beadle, Charlotte had to endure ectopic pregnancy. Ignoring her pain for almost a week, Charlotte put herself in danger. 

Apparently, if she had left it any longer, she could have died. 

While she was in surgery, Gary cheated on her while filming Ex On The Beach with several women, including Jemma Lucy. 

The couple broke up. 

Later, she hooked up with Love Island star Joshua Ritchie for two years before breaking up in November last year. The couple had travelled the world together and appeared in TV programmes such as Celebs Go Dating, Just Tattoo Of Us, and Celebrity Coach Trip. 

charlotte crosby mum

Image Source/The Sun

Charlotte had even moved in with Josh Ritchie who was four years younger than her to start her life afresh. However, apparently, they wanted different things in life 

According to a source

“For a while, Charlotte has wanted to get married and have kids, but Josh, being younger, doesn’t have any interest in settling down.

“They both want completely different things because they’re at different stages in their lives.

“That’s what she really wants, but Josh was adamant he isn’t ready.”

Charlotte announced their split through her Instagram story,

“Me and Josh have decided to part ways. Sadly the relationship seems to have broken down. Hoping we can still remain civil and wish him the best for the future.”

Her Current Crush In Australia!

charlotte crosby mum

Image Source/New Idea

Charlotte had been cosying up to Ryan Gallagher in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (AU). 

Apparently, the duo had kissed and cuddled in the show. 

However, they both had revealed to each other that things might not work out between them. 

Ryan said

“Out [of the jungle] we’re very different. I mean, we’re the same, but you live a very different life to me. I’m very to myself and don’t see people much.

“I’ll see you out, but you’re going to go back to England. We’ll still be friends.”

Asked by a very shocked Charlotte, if he doesn’t want to have sex, he replied, 

“Nah, probably not. I wouldn’t do it if there was nothing coming out of it. Not with you, because we’re friends and that would ruin it.”

He definitely sounds like a sensible guy. 

Charlotte, Soon Came To Her Senses…

Admitting that she got carried away with Ryan, she revealed the reason why it happened

“I think with all the excitement, I came in here, there was attraction and all of a sudden, I had like, no food in me system and I had clouded thinking, I was going light-headed, I got carried away. Then I remembered what me mam told us, “Do not be stupid and do what you always do.

“You know what I’ve learned in the past? My mam is always right. I can’t just jump into another one!”

And That Brings Us To Charlotte Crosby’s Mum…

Charlotte Crosby’s mum is Letitia Crosby and her dad’s Gary Crosby. She has a younger brother named Nathaniel. 

The family is close-knit and apparently Nathaniel is Charlotte’s favourite person in the world. 

In a birthday post, she wrote, 

“My most favourite person in the world and I love him SO MUCH. Happy Bday Nathaniel.”

Charlotte Crosby and Letitia Crosby’s Shenanigans…

charlotte crosby mum

Image Source/The Sun

The mother-daughter duo has captured hearts with their heartwarming and lovely relationship. 

During a spa outing with her mum, Charlotte shared a photo of herself and her mum in identical swimsuits. 

Letitia even posed cheekily for the camera. 

Remarkably, both of them looked similar to each other. 

And, comments from her fans and followers were delightful!

“I’d say your mam is setting that standard pretty high!” 

“If that’s what you look like in 30 years am fully in.” 

In another Instagram video, Charlotte posted a video of Letitia and Gary dancing adorably and that gathered some interesting comments as well. 


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Bad dance moves = mams&dads❤️ gunna miss these two strange souls @letitia.crosby @thediddyman1 😂

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

“You guys look so much alike. I love your mom’s spirit @charlottegshore and I was so sad when you came down to South Africa because I never got a chance to see you but I still love you.”

“Your mum and dad are absolutely amazing, was feeling down and then saw this and made me smile.”

“Can we please swap parents yours are too cool and btw loved nana on your show.”

“Loving your mum and dad in The Charlotte Show they are so funny…I am sure you have heard it 1000 times but your dad really does sound like Gary Barlow. Lovely family.”

And, last but not least, 

“Your mum’s amazing! She makes me laugh so much.”

More About The Amazing Mum And Daughter Relationship…

charlotte crosby mum

Image Source/The Sun

Letitia also had an unbelievable reaction when Charlotte told her that she had sex on TV during her Geordie Shore days. 

Revealing this bit of news in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (AU), she reenacted the conversation she had with her mum to her camp mates. 

“I’ve got something to tell you… it’s quite bad. I kind of had sex on TV.”

And Letitia’s response:

“Oh, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!”

After the revelation, Charlotte delved deeper into her relationship with her mum. She said, 

“If you met my mum, you would realise I am the person I am today because she is the funniest, most caring person. “I’m a bit sad talking about her… She’s just amazing.”

Yes, Charlotte. She is amazing!

But, Even The Closest Mum And Daughter Had A Fallout…

It’s hard to imagine that a sporting mom like Letitia and loving daughter like Charlotte could ever have a fallout. But, they sure did. 

It happened when Charlotte was 20kg heavier than she is now. Letitia was mad at her for not controlling her binge eating habit. 

“Me and me mum [Letitia Crosby] had a big argument when I was doing an appearance in Ireland.

“I went out and came back to the hotel with three Big Macs and 20 chicken nuggets and hid in the bathroom to eat it. She caught me and we fell out for a long time over this and I knew I had to change something.”

It all turned out for good in the long run. 

Letitia had changed Charlotte from someone who binge eats three Big Macs and 20 chicken nuggets to someone who eats fruit, poached eggs or porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and meat and vegetables for dinner. 

In Another Occasion, Charlotte Had To Come To Letitia’s Rescue…

While chatting with her mum during Celebs Go Dating, Charlotte prodded into the first meeting of her parents. 

Letitia’s unexpected response put her in a bit of a hot soup. 

She said

“Yeah, we had sex the first night.

“We’ve been together for 17 years now and married 11… I wanted to rip his clothes off him!”

Worried about the scrutiny Letitia might receive from the media, Charlotte quickly said, 

“My mam, happily married for 17 years, is not a s**g.”

But, on the bright side, many of her fans were enthralled with Letitia’s open and frank answer. 

The Mother-Daughter Duo Also Experienced Scary Abuse Last Mother’s Day

Charlotte shared the details of the incident to her fans through an Instagram story

“We have had the craziest Mother’s Day ever. It was very different, very eventful.

“Topped off by the craziest thing that’s ever happened in a very long time.

“We got in the cab at the end of the day, and all of a sudden four quite older people turn up at the window looking really crazy.

“To cut a long story short we had a really scary experience. There were girls and men trying to get into the cab. God knows what they were going to do when they got in there because they were angry and they were screaming a lot of abuse.

“Me poor mam, they took her Mother’s Day balloons, and stamped all over them and popped every single one.

“It was really aggressive.”

Fortunately, both of them were unharmed. 

Letitia, The Supportive Mom…

With 33.5k followers in Twitter and 103k followers in Instagram, Letitia is putting her social media presence to good use. 

To support her daughter, whenever and however. 

Here’s an Instagram post of ‘her life’. 


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My life in one single photo 💓

A post shared by @ letitia.crosby on

Another of her night with Charlotte after seeing Lewis Capaldi.


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So hot the jumper off standing in a vest what a fab venue to see Lewis Capaldi

A post shared by @ letitia.crosby on

On the other hand, her Twitter handle is full of Charlotte’s time in the jungle and rallying people to vote for her. 

Here’s to more of Charlotte and Letitia’s adorable shenanigans! 

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