By Kirsty Bachor

14th January 2020

The relationships in Gavin and Stacey are so well done that it’s hard to believe they aren’t real people who are actually together (and if you’re only just discovering that, sorry for dropping that bombshell). It’s hard to imagine a word without Nessa and Smithy dancing around each other, or a universe where Gavin and Stacey aren’t even a thing.

And if you caught up with the Christmas special (yes we’re talking about that karaoke sesh), it’s even harder to believe that this fairytale is only make believe.

So who are the cast actually dating in real life?

Pam (Alison Steadman)

You’ll already know that Pam is Gavin’s devoted mum, and she’s set up somewhat of a mystery regarding her age as she’s claimed to be 51 on all of her recent birthdays.

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On the show, Pam is happily married to Gavin’s loveable father, Mick.

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