Ruth Jones Won't Rule Out More Episodes Of Gavin & Stacey

By Cara Dudgeon

2nd December 2019

Ruth Jones won’t rule out making more episodes of Gavin and Stacey

Image Source/ BT TV 

Fans were overjoyed when it was announced the 53-year-old actress and her co-writer James Corden had penned a new Christmas special, almost a decade after the sitcom came to an end, and although there are “no plans” to build on the one-off show, the pair aren’t completely closing the door on the possibility.

Ruth told Red magazine:

‘We will never again have the effect that we’ve had this time around, having said for 10 years that we’re not doing any more and the announcing something special.

‘I think it would be churlish of me to say there won’t be any more. The honest truth is there are no plans, but I don’t think I could ever say never’.

Ruth and James had been in contact for some time about the new episode but the Welsh actress admitted it was a “bit strange initially” when they settled down to work together again.

She said:

‘Although we’d seen each other over the years, we hadn’t spent any great length of time together.

‘But what’s nice about the way we write is that we just act out the characters ourselves, so it’s just like playing, really. We make each other laugh a lot’.

And the pair have spent years mulling over possible plot lines.

Ruth admitted:

‘Ever since it finished in 2010, we’ve always said, “Do you think we’ll do another one?”

‘Sometimes we would just text each other and go, “I have a really good idea for Bryn”‘.

Not only were the cast members – including Joanna Page and Matthew Horne, who play the titular couple – “over the moon” when they were told about the reunion, Ruth was delighted by the “absolutely astonishing” reaction from the public.

She said:

‘People’s reactions were just gorgeous.

‘It was on Radio 4’s Today programme and the lunchtime news on the BBC and ITV. Everybody was so thrilled.

‘You know when you give somebody a present you know they’re really going to like? It was like that’.

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