Rebekah Vardy Instagram Drama: Why Are The WAGS At War?

By Sam Pointon

6th December 2019

Rebekah Vardy Instagram Drama: WAGS At War

Everyone’s heard by now all about the epic showdown between two of the country’s best known WAGS! Rebekah Vardy‘s Instagram page has been the source of a major drama with fellow WAG Coleen Rooney.

But what exactly is the Rebekah Vardy Instagram drama all about?

While both of these WAGs should have a lot in common, it seems their feud is a whole new ball game…

Rebekah Vardy Instagram scandal
Image Source/Moose Gazette

Who is Rebekah Vardy?

Rebekah Vardy’s maiden name is actually Rebekah Nicholson! She is 37 years old and is married to famous Leicester City football player Jamie Vardy.

The couple first met in 2014 when Mrs Vardy (or Ms Nicholson back then!) worked at a nightclub promoter.

The pair got married in May 2016, in a stunning ceremony at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Vardy wedding
Image Source/Hello magazine


Mrs Vardy has four biological children and is currently pregnant with her fifth! The WAG’s two eldest children called Megan and Taylor are from previous relationships, then she and Jamie have Sofia, Finlay and of course the upcoming new addition!

She is also stepmum to Jamie’s five-year-old daughter Ella, from his previous relationship with Emma Daggett.

Vardy family
Image Source/Extra

That’s quite the brood! It’s important to mention that the family are keen to ensure their family is one strong unit, something that Mrs Vardy has discussed in great detail:

“A blended family is never easy. Relationships fail and that is just part of life. I think as long as you provide stability and you are happy, then your children bounce off your vibes.”

They certainly look like one very happy family! Just looking at Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram page shows how much love there is.

Happy family Vardy
Image Source/Instagram

What Is Rebekah Vardy Known For?

While the ex-nightclub promoter pretty much shot to fame overnight due to her connection with Jamie Vardy, she has had a go at making her name as a TV personality. She was a campmate on I’m a Celebrity…. Get me Out of Here! in 2017 and finished in 9th place.

Rebekah I'm a Celeb
Image Source/The Mirror

Mrs Vardy also occasionally presents Loose Women, Good Morning Britian and This Morning. She also promotes and supports charities such as Vardy’s Christmas Gifts, YoungMinds and Enough Abuse UK.

Who is Coleen Rooney?

Proud Scouser Coleen Mary Rooney is 33 years old and lives in Cheshire with her world famous footballer husband Wayne Rooney.

Mrs Rooney was actually born Coleen McLoughlin, but changed her name after her lavish wedding with Mr Rooney in Italy in 2008.

Rooney Wedding
Image Source/Make My Day Perfect

The pair have actually known each other since she was just 12 years old! They began dating when they were both just 16 and never looked back.

Young Rooneys
Image Source/Liverpool Echo


Coleen and Wayne Rooney have four sons. Kai Wayne, Klay Anthony, Kit Joseph and Cass Mac. Mrs Rooney is also a patron of the Alder Hey Children’s Charity in Liverpool.

Rooney family
Image Source/New York Times

What Is Coleen Rooney Known For?

Before the Rebekah Vardy Instagram drama, Coleen was known more for her work as a writer and TV presenter. With previous columns in Closer and OK! magazines, she has also published an autobiography and five more books as well!

Rooney has fronted campaigns with George at Asda and Littlewoods.

Rooney Littlewoods campaign
Image Source/Daily Mail

The WAG also presented a hard-hitting documentary with Sir Trevor McDonald to discuss the genetic disorder Rett sydrome, from which her younger sister suffered from one, passing away at just 14 years of age. Mrs Rooney went on to make and present her own TV series called Coleen’s Real Women. 

Vardy & Rooney: Friends?

While Vardy and Rooney have never appeared to be bosom buddies, they were pictured sat together supporting their husbands at a UEFA Euro football game in 2016.

Vardy and Rooney
Image Source/The Times

It does seem that Coleen is particularly cagey about who she allows follow her on social media, so her ‘trusting’ Rebekah enough to ‘let’ her follow her says there was perhaps a kind of friendship there.

It seems that Mrs Vardy may not have made herself very approachable to other WAGs, as she stated in an interview recently (before everything kicked off) that she doesn’t buy into the WAG ‘culture’:

“There are some people who are part of the WAG community and that’s not me. It’s a very fake world… I don’t buy into fake friends. I won’t be friends with someone because their husband plays for the same team.”

Way to make friends Rebekah!

We can sort of understand her point though. In 2016, it was claimed that Wayne Rooney had ‘warned’ Jamie Vardy about his now-wife being too involved on social media.

While this was apparently done to help protect her from fan backlash during Euro 2016, it seems it may have also been aimed at Mrs Vardy’s perhaps ‘overuse’ of social media. Awks!

Vardy on social media
Image Source/Instagram

Interestingly, once everything kicked off, both sides wanted to emphasise their apparent friendship! Read on to see how that went down…

Rebekah Vardy: Instagram Drama


The whole Coleen Rooney/Rebekah Vardy feud began with Mrs Rooney accusing Mrs Vardy of selling stories about her to the press from her Instagram account:

Coleen Rooney Instagram statement
Image Source/Instagram

That’s one heck of an accusation… and one heck of a public statement to make!

Rebekah Vardy’s Twitter clapback was just as dramatic and public, as the WAG immediately defended herself:

Vardy Twitter statement
Image Source/Twitter

What a comeback!

While it’s not clear exactly who is in the wrong here, with The Sun refusing to name its sources and neither WAG backing down, things went from bad to worse.

Taking Sides

Now dubbed the ‘Wagatha Christie’ affair, referring to Coleen turning detective to ‘catch’ Vardy in the act, the highly public nature of the row meant a LOT of people having their say about both sides of the story.

Team Coleen

Glamour model and TV personality Danielle Lloyd swooped in to defend Coleen, stating she felt she needed to defend the WAG because of similar previous experiences:

“It’s not nice, I’ve had it done to me and they full on knew what they were doing […] So for people to be selling stories on you and you don’t know who they are, it’s not nice not knowing who you can trust.”

Danielle Lloyd
Image Source/Celebs Now

Team Rebekah

On the other side of the drama, Amanda Holden spoke about how there may have been more to it and reiterated that the alleged Rebekah Vardy Instagram leaks to the press wasn’t in the WAGS interests:

“Now is there a chance that she could have shared some of Coleen’s private posts with somebody in her camp and it is that person that has been treacherous and gone and sold these stories. Is there a slim chance?”

Amanda Holden
Image Source/Good to Know

Team Neutral (ish!)

Even singing superstar Robbie Williams put in his two pennies worth!

“It’s a dangerous game to play… I understand Coleen’s need for revenge and I probably would have done the same thing but we have to be careful. It’s suicide-causing – provoking these levels of shame.”

Robbie WIlliams
Image Source/Evening Standard

That’s a lot of opinions from a lot of people who have no idea what’s really happened!

Mrs Vardy’s Instagram Win

With everyone and their mother having an opinion on the feud, it seems Mrs Vardy has had to bear the brunt of the criticism. The WAG has allegedly received some truly nasty messages:

“Now I’m getting death threats saying I should die and my unborn child should die.”

How awful! Mrs Vardy proceeded to turn off commenting on her Instagram page for some time, to try and prevent any more trolls getting involved.

However, there is a silver lining in all of this for Rebekah Vardy. Instagram and Twitter seem to be the WAG’s main area of income, as she often post promoting brands and companies from make up and jewellery to clothing.

Rebekah Vardy Instagram
Image Source/Instagram

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! Just one week after everything kicked off, Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram page gained an incredible near 50,000 new followers!

A social media expert explained how this result from the feud could actually really benefit Mrs Vardy:

“Becky could command around £1,500 to £2,000 per post before this row. Now that figure will be £2,000 to £2,500 and looks likely to go higher the longer this row rumbles on. The more followers she attracts the more she could earn from promoting products on her account.’’

That’s one way to get your own back!

WAG Wars – What Happens Now?

While many people thought this would all blow over quickly, there’s no chance of that when it comes to celeb feuds!

The pair are now strictly only communicating via lawyers, as Rebekah has threatened to take Coleen to court if she doesn’t back down.

Mrs Rooney, of course, is not interested in backing down and says she’s not afraid to face Mrs Vardy in court.

Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney
Image Source/E! News

Will this all end up in court? Will one side apologise to the other? Watch this space…

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