Mariah Carey Net Worth: How Much Is The Queen Of Christmas Worth?

By Juliet Smith

12th December 2019

Mariah Carey Net Worth: How Much Is The Queen Of Christmas Worth?

We’re taking a look at Mariah Carey’s net worth…

Mariah Carey is one of the biggest artists of all time, with a career spanning over 30 years and loads of unforgettable songs. Over her time in the music industry, she’s taken over Christmas, headlined sell-out tours and recorded some seriously popular albums.

So, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that she’s racked up a MASSIVE net worth, but what you might be surprised at, is just how much, exactly, the pop diva has earned…


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Mariah embodies the spirit of Christmas to the point where mistletoe, snow and even Santa are considered completely irrelevant…

So, since Mimi has officially taken over Xmas and her stocking is full to the brim with cash, we’re taking a look at how the singing sensation has made her millions – and how much she’s actually got…

How Much Did She Make From That Song?

Mariah has reportedly made $60 million in royalties from her hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You; the song remains the 11th best selling single of ALL time – with sales of over 16 million copies. It was launched in 1994 and became an instant moneymaker, breaking Spotify’s global streaming record on Christmas Eve 2018. In other words, you – yes, you – listening the Mariah’s tune approx 50 times a day has helped her on her way to a comfortable 60 mill…

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What About Her Other Music?

Unsurprisingly, Mariah’s made most of her fortune from her hits – her single ‘One Sweet Day’ was the longest ever running number one (until Lil Nas XC beat her record)…

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In total, Mariah has sold around 67 million units in album sales, as well as 30 million units in singles.

Of course, she’s been on dozens of tours, with each one earning in the millions!

What About Endorsements?

Mariah has been endorsing from day one, working with the likes of Claire’s Accessories, Pepsi and Motorla – she’s even now joined forces with Gary Lineker’s Walkers!


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Excited to kick off the east coast leg of my Christmas tour TONIGHT in Atlantic City! 🎄❄️ #alliwantforchristmasisyou

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She also teamed up with Elizabeth Arden – her most lucrative deal yet – to create a perfume that earned her a nice $150 million.

So, adding that all up… according the celebrity net worth, Mariah Carey’s net worth is around $500 million.

So, How Does Mariah Spend Her Money?

It’s no secret that the pop diva lives a VERY lavish lifestyle; she’ll well known for enjoying a costly shopping spree, and apparently her spending habit was one of the reasons for her breakup with ex-partner and billionaire James Packer.

You’ll probably remember her legendary appearance on the MTV show Cribs back in 2002 (how could we forget!?) where viewers of the show had the privilege of taking a look around Mariah’s three-bedroom townhouse.

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She revealed that she’d got a shower she’d only used once because it had too many settings, she’d painted (or got her staff to) her walls to look to sweeties, of course, she’d installed a chandelier in the bathroom and a chaise lounge (because, well, she hates to sit up straight).

When she’s in LA, she rents a luxury mansion for $35,000 a month. She also spends $100,000 (£77,682) a year to have exotic flowers delivered to her home and $45,000 on spa treatments… for her DOGS!

On tour, she stays in the best hotels, for example the Plaza Athénée in Paris, where a room goes for around $15,000 a night.

Oh – and in 2014, she spent £70,000 to book the first class cabin of a British Airways flight to give her some privacy.

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