By Dan Strayer

3rd December 2019

Jamie Laing Age: Heir Today, Star Tomorrow

Jamie Laing, age 30, graces our screens now more than ever
SOURCE: Capital FM

Jamie Laing’s age is 30 years old. But it seems like he has been around for longer than that. Laing is an heir to the McVitie fortune. Today, he is commonly recognised as a reality television presence:

So why is he on our minds here at The Daily Feed? Because Laing’s been in the news of late due to his connections with the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. In essence, it is for not being on it.

The Dancing Graduate Backs Out Of Strictly

In summary, here is the full story on Jamie Laing and Strictly.

Laing was added to the original Strictly 2019 cast. This happened despite Jamie having a background that suggests he would have competed with an unfair advantage. The University of Leeds graduate completed a degree in dance – specifically, Contemporary Dance. Jamie spoke of his studies on The Greatest Dancer podcast earlier this year to hosts Jordan Banjo and Mollie King:

“When it came to finally enrolling in my course, people had already picked what they wanted to do and the only thing that was left was contemporary dance.

“There is no technique to contemporary dance.”

Nevertheless, it proved all for nought this time around. Jamie pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing. Despite being introduced as a contestant at the show launch, Laing was forced to pull out of this year’s edition. He had injured his foot while recording the launch show, an unceremonious exit if ever there had been one.

“I’m absolutely devastated that I’m unable to continue in the competition. I was so excited to hit the dance floor.”

The foot injury left Jamie in crutches and with a protective boot on his foot.

Jamie Laing Comes Of Age On Chelsea

Of course, Jamie’s beloved personality and affinity for entertaining a television audience stem from his appearances on E4’s reality show Made in Chelsea. With a net worth of £2 million, he made his debut on the show in its second season. That season first aired in 2011.

He appeared with established cast members like close friend Spencer Matthews. Since that debut, Jamie has become a mainstay on the programme since that debut season. Possessing a marketable knack for self-promotion, it would forge the Jamie Laing profile into a variety of fields in and out of the entertainment realm.

At Jamie Laing's age, there will be more time down the road for Strictly Come Dancing - 2019 didn't happen due to a foot injury

Businessman Jamie Comes Of Age

With a name to put a brand behind, Jamie Laing’s age and inexperience have never staunched his creative abilities as an entrepreneur.

True to the roots of a sweet-toothed fortune, Jamie has his own sweets brand, Candy Kittens. The food brand is sold in a variety of national chain supermarkets, as well as Topshop.

Fun Fact: Is Jamie The Lone Heir To The McVitie?

It turns out that Jamie isn’t the lone heir. Firstly, a recap of the McVitie’s fortune. The collection of the brands in question include:

  • Carr’s
  • Mini-Cheddars
  • Jacob’s
  • McVitie’s
  • Twiglets.

Yet hopes of there even being a single heir to this fortune are no more. Officially, they were dashed back in 2000 by a private equity takeover. Plus, Laing is part of a fairly large family. Ergo: the fortune lined up to be split many different ways anyway.

Jamie Laing is a frequent guest on talk shows
SOURCE: Hello Magazine

Where Else We’ve Seen Him

Jamie’s engaging personality has opened up opportunities beyond Made in Chelsea in the entertainment world. It’s apparent that smart programmers and producers have seen that audience will continue to enjoy Laing outside of Chelsea.

Here’s a quick rundown of where else you might have seen him:

  • Alan Carr: Chatty Man
  • Reality Bites
  • Celebrity Juice
  • Virtually Famous
  • Good Morning Britain
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats

For great content and features on Britain’s small screens, it’s clear that Laing has the bonafides as a go-to personality. Moreover, he’s trying to get off the ground as an actor. His on-screen credits as an actor also include Hollyoaks and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

But you don’t even have to see him on camera to appreciate Jamie Laing at his age, either. Because his engaging style works on the downloadable airwaves as well. He co-hosts podcasts titled:

  • Private Parts, with friend Francis Boulle (click the video below for the Binky Felstead episode).
  • A sports-themed podcast for ESPN called Head in the Game, with Rachel Stringer.

What Else Is Jamie Laing Up To?

Jamie’s dating life is often under the microscope, on and off the Made in Chelsea scene.

He dated French model Heloise Agostinelli after he fell for her late in season 16 (2018) of MIC. They were an item for roughly a year until he revealed the two had split.

Wardrobe-gate co-star Frankie Gaff was also briefly the apple of Jamie’s eye. However, that relationship also soured after mixed signals and a stormy on camera falling out for the series.

Show fans will also recall his relationship with another cast member, Tara Keeney. He is now in a loving relationship with co-star Sophie Habbo.

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