Harry Lee Towie Age : Everything You Need To Know

By Ilaria Pignalosa

14th December 2019

Harry Lee Towie Age

harry lee towie age

Harry Lee TOWIE age may still be young, but this gorgeous boy from Hackney, England, has already created so much drama to entertain his followers.

If you have been watching all the episode of the new season of TOWIE, you must have noticed a bit of drama between Lee and the women of the show. Who is this young and talented athlete? How did he manage to work in television after a professional career in football? Let’s find out together and let’s learn more about Harry Lee TOWIE age.

Who Is Harry Lee?

Harry Bertie Lee is an English professional footballer from Hackney, England. His height is 1,83 m (or 6 ft), and he has been playing football since 2011, when he was still a young, and maybe naive, a teenager.

Although we don’t know much about his childhood, we have plenty of information about his career first as an an athlete and, lately, as a TV celebrity and drama king. He currently plays as a midfielder for Concord Rangers, but his career started very early, especially considering his young age.

After signing a permanent deal with Welling in 2016, on the following year, he joined the National League South side Chelmsford City. Thanks to his job, he can now travel and explore the world and enjoy his fame as a celebrity, without the needs to spend too much time in the worst cities in UK.


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Allegedly, he also worked as a recruitment consultant, but he left the job when he joined the cast of the popular show TOWIE.

When Did The Young Footballer Start His Career?

Lee started out at Leyton Orient, playing in their young team. Since them, he has made 29 appearances and, from 2011 to 2012, he scored four goals with his team. Because of his talent, even if Harry Lee TOWIE age was only 16, he made it to the senior squad, first as a substitute, and then on a permanent contract in 2013. In the same year, he joined Farnborough for one month, working with a new team.

harry lee football

Source/ Southend Echo

Harry Lee TOWIE Age And His Debut As A Professional Footballer

He went back to Leyton Orient in 2014, this time with another permanent contract, and continued to play with the team until 2015. Due to injury, he wasn’t able to make any appearance. Nevertheless, he made it to Welling United and played with this squad until 2016 as a substitute. From 2017 to 2018, he was under a permanent contract for Chelmsford City.

harry lee concord rangers

Source/ Alchetrons

Right now, Lee plays as a midfielder for Concord Rangers, a football team based in Canvey Island, in Essex. The club is very famous, and it competes in the National League South, as well as playing home matches at Thames Road.

What Was Harry Lee TOWIE Age When He Joined The Cast?

The first time that paparazzi spotted Harry preparing his filmed scenes was on March 15. He was filming in Brentwood High Street with Tom and Jayden. Although declaring that he wasn’t ready for romance, in the first episode of the TOWIE show, he started his relationship with the beautiful Chloe Brockett, who was 18 at that time.

This was only a few months ago, meaning that Harry Lee TOWIE Age was 24. He was and is still very young, but is very talented!


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Who Joined TOWIE In 21019?

The young footballer joined the cast together with Ellie Wise (hairdresser, 18), Joey Turner (17), Kelsey Stratford (tutor for children with special needs, 18), Tom McDonnell (personal trainer, 23) and Jayden Beales (20).

The new series started on March 2019, was aired on ITV in 2010.

Has Harry Been Lucky in Love?

Despite Harry Lee age is still young, he has already played with the heart of several women. For example, in August, he and his girlfriend Chloe Brockett broke up. Chloe, 18, joined the show when she was still in love with Harry. However, things have been extremely tense between the two of them, at the point that she started bombarding him with hundreds of texts.

One source very close to the couple revealed:

“The situation got so bad for Harry that he actually had to tell TOWIE bosses that he wouldn’t film scenes with her anymore because he was sick of it all.”

chloe brockett

Source/ Reality Titbit

After a while, the footballer revealed that his relationship with Chloe was fake. Harry Lee TOWIE age may still be young, but he is already a good actor, and he may even deserve the red carpet! Let’s not forget that the show newbie Chloe was only 18 years old when they started their relationship.

Speaking of the drama, Chloe posted an update on her social media, saying:

“For all those asking. Me and harry and no longer seeing each other. I wish him nothing but the best but sometimes people just aren’t compatible! Love, Chloe x”

What About The TOWIE Drama?

The professional athlete surely didn’t stop trying his luck with women when he became a TOWIE star. He soon fell for one of the girls of the show. First, he asked another TOWIE star, Chloe Ross, out on a date.

harry lee and chloe

Source/ Head Topics

After his flirt with Ella Rae Wise, Harry immediately provoked the anger of Chloe. In fact, The Only Way is Essex star expressed her concern about the young footballer disrespecting her sibling, who is a little bit younger than Chloe Sims age. This is what the 36-year old star declared:

“He’s running around saying ‘oh everyone’s getting involved, the Sims sisters’ but when you’re constantly disrespecting my sister, of course I’m going to get involved.”

She also pointed out that Harry should:

“Be single, do your thing, run round Essex…go out with every girl in Essex, but don’t f**k with my sister.”

chloe sims

Source/ Heat Magazine

What Happened To Chloe?

After the end of her relationship with Harry, Chloe soon shared the news with her fan. In one of her stories, the English hairdresser said:

“For all those asking. Me and harry and no longer seeing each other. I wish him nothing but the best but sometimes people just aren’t compatible! Love, Chloe x”


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Of course, all her followers sent her messages full of love. This was when she wrote a post to say:

“Just wanted to say thank you everyone for your lovely messages I have received tonight. You never know what the future holds.”

…. So, Is The Situation Solved, Now?

The drama didn’t end quickly. After a while, Frankie Sims finally admitted she feared Harry could leave her to go back to Chloe. On the other hand, Chloe seemed like she didn’t want to hear from Harry anymore.

chloe brockett towie

Source/ The Sun

In one of the episodes in September she approached him to say:

“I don’t know if I ever really did like ya. […] You’ve got a lot of confidence for someone with a hairline like that. You’re sweaty, you’re rude and you’re fake.”

Harry managed to have the last word in this very awkward conversation, and he concluded:

“Lucky I got rid of you then.”

Despite Harry Lee TOWIE young age and inexperience with romance, surely Chloe isn’t still over it. In one of her last posts on Instagram, she wrote:

“In a world where everyone wears a mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul”.


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So much drama!

While other TOWIE cast members were enjoying their fame with their fans, the young English athlete was living his drama. For example, Chloe Lewis was recently posting pictures and an adorable video of her newborn son. On the other hand, Harry Lee TOWIE Age is still very young, and we can understand why he only wants to have fun while looking for the special love of his life.

How Did They Meet And What Was Harry Lee TOWIE Age?

Does Frankie know about Harry Lee TOWIE age? He was only 23 when they met.

It seems the two of them bonded very well, and they got together outside the show. During one of her latest interviews, Frankie told that had messaging, until they just fell for each other. It looks like exchanging the email address only can still be a good way to approach your crush! She said:

“I’ve been speaking a little bit to one of the guys from the show, Harry. I think he’s very good looking, Demi was a little match maker with that one.”

And, as she continued:

“Harry has reached out to me and slide into my DM’s and he’s just been really nice, just normal chit chat, really friendly and he is really warm. He made me feel more comfortable coming to events and filming – I just wanna see how it goes with that.”

When asked if they were going to live their romance in the next show episodes, she admitted:

“Yeah hopefully, it’s early days at the minute but hopefully we’ll get to know each other a little bit more.”


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Are They Still Together?

Unfortunately, this story has no happy ending. Harry started flirting with Ella Rae Wise, and was thus dumped by Frankie. Although Harry claimed he was ready to become a better person for the love of his life, Frankie was definitely livid, as she was shouting:

“I’m actually done with everything, I don’t want you to contract me anymore I don’t want to hear from you.”

On the other hand, the couple has been spotted together in Amsterdam, and there is even a picture posted on Frankie’s social media to confirm this trip. What is going on? It looks like we can’t keep up with them!


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Harry Lee TOWIE Age: Is He A Celebrity?

Let’s be honest: we tend to follow the stories (and the drama) of fashion and TV celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner or her sisters Caitlyn Jenner and Kendall Jenner, or Jaqueline Jossa with her husband Dan Osborne. But Harry Lee is, first of all, an athlete, a famous footballer, and most of his adventures are related to his sports.

Usually, Lee breaks silence and shows his fan what he’s been up to on his social media. In fact, he shares pictures of him on Instagram, where he has almost 140,000 followers.


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What Is Lee Doing Now?

This means that we are sure than, sooner or later, the English footballer will share more about his projects. Who knows, maybe next time he will reveal his new career as a TV presenter! He may even become more famous than Alison Hammond.


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Although Harry Lee TOWIE age is very young, he looks like he is full of surprises for his fans and followers! We just cannot wait to learn more. For now, let’s just hope he enjoys his family meals at the next Christmas party, and let’s wait for the new year. He may even end up taking part into a Christmas bash.

What Is Harry Lee TOWIE Age?

Megan McKenna net worth shows how TOWIE star can make a fortune thanks to this show. This is what is happening to this young English footballer, who is enjoying money and fame at a very early stage of his life.


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Harry Lee age is 24: he was born in March 1994 in the UK. He has been playing football since 2011, when he was only 16 and was trying to find his place as a celebrity. We cannot deny that his appearance on TOWIE has definitely helped him achieve his dreams!

He is very young, but we can already say that he and his drama definitely lead the stars of the TOWIE show, standing out as one of the most exciting characters.

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