Donna Suits Outfits: The Best Donna Outfits And Top Tips

By Emma Moylan

12th December 2019

Donna Suits Outfits: The Best Donna Outfits And Top Tips

Sharp witted, omniscient and absolutely fabulous, Donna is the character we all want to be. And Donna’s Suits outfits are simply stunning.

Far more than a legal secretary, Miss Donna Paulsen basically holds her legal firm together in the hit tv series. From Pearson Hardman to Zane Specter Litt (and everything in between) Donna keeps Harvey Specter on track, Louis Litt in check and gets Mike Ross up to scratch.

Donna is admired for her razor sharp wit and knowledge but will only wield that power for good.

They’re all handsome, confident and incredibly smart. But one of the best things about the show? Definitely the outfits.

Played by Sarah Rafferty, Donna is always dressed head to toe in utter chic. But is ‘power dressing’ the right phrase to use to describe the outfits?

We’re taking a look at Donna’s best goddamn outfits of the entire nine series, how actress, Sarah Rafferty, relates to her character and also what costume designer, Jolie Andreatta has to say.

How Similar Are Their Styles?

Speaking about Donna’s style, Sarah Rafferty said:

“her style is always classic and elegant. She has very expensive taste, so that’s very fun. But I always approach her wardrobe as costume because I have a theatre background. What we wear tells people a lot about you.”

The costume team would often choose Donna’s dress based on what was happening in the scene. Whatever emotion Donna was feeling or was being expressed in the scene, Donna’s outfit is used to reflect it.


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From Doc Martens to Donna Paulsen

During university, Sarah spent a year in abroad in London which is where she first splurged out on a special item of clothing.

She recalled:

“Before I left, my grandmother sent me a cheque and said, “Buy yourself something nice.” And the first weekend that I was there, I went to the Camden market and bought myself a black motorcycle jacket to go with my Dr. Martens. It was the ’90s. I wore that over a Betsey Johnson dress, like every day.”


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One of my favorite dresses is on TV tonight, trust me, she does all the work. #Suits #Gucci

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Being Donna

“I’ve been so proud of portraying Donna, and overwhelmed by the response about her confidence, polish, sass, wardrobe, and the fact that she’s whip-smart. She’s an aspirational woman.

But I’m also really interested in portraying humans in all their flaws. It’s not only important to me to play heroes. Anti-heroes are pretty cool, too.”


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 Power DRESSing

Oh, we don’t just mean dressing powerfully. If this was the case, Donna would have been seen featured in suits, skirts and an array of different combinations.

Instead, the decision was made to always have Donna in a dress so that her femininity is her power.

Jolie Andreatta, costumer designer for the show says:

“She’s not a lawyer so she doesn’t have to be so serious. She can be sexy, she can be avant-garde.”


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Suits Designers Top Tips

It is often understood that there is a link between what we wear and how we feel. Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, wearing something good can inspire you and make you feel more confident.

Andreatta, however, discourages people from calling it ‘power dressing’. She said:

“I’m not crazy about the phrase ‘power dressing’; it brings up an aggressive feeling for me,”

I prefer ‘focused’ – an elegant, styled look that can be edited or highlighted for atmosphere.”

These are her top tips for dressing well.

Sarah Rafferty

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#1 Shoes

“Invest in beautiful shoes you can actually last at least most of the day in.”

#2 White Blouses

Stock up on an array of white shirts, blouses and tops as they can be paired with most outfits.

#3 Pencil Skirts

Even for all different shapes and sizes, pencil skirts look good on everyone.

donna suits

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#4 Matching top and trousers

Andreatta said:

“I love this look, but it’s not on the market very often, so grab it when you see it.

I just bought a Maison Margiela black sleeveless top with a draped back and matching trousers.”

#5 Get that perfect fit

If something doesn’t fit properly, then you’re thinking about it all day. Get something that fits you and you’ll be present to focus on everything that’s happening.

Suits - Season 8

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