Charlotte Crosby Stars In The New PETA Campaign

By Cara Dudgeon

6th December 2019

Charlotte Crosby has trapped herself underwater for PETA’s new campaign

Image Source/ PETA 

The former Geordie Shore star posed inside a Houdini-style tank of water as a protest for the animal rights organisation against the treatment of orcas and other marine mammals at parks like SeaWorld.

In an accompanying video, she said:

‘I love entertaining people, but animals aren’t given a choice, and that’s abuse… I would feel so claustrophobic being in such a small space.

‘You would start to go a bit insane. You’re just looking at the same place every day and it’s not normal. It’s not normal for a human, it’s not normal for an animal…

‘Wild animals, especially the sizes of whales, should be kept in their natural environment, not in tanks’.

Charlotte has joined the likes of Amanda Holden, Paul O’Grady and Sharon Osbourne in teaming up with PETA – and its international affiliates – to speak out against marine-mammal captivity.

She added:

‘Obviously, it’s massively cruel, and I just want everyone to know that…

‘And when people are educated on that, it may change their minds to ever stepping in a park again’.

On its website, SeaWorld notes the parks are “regularly inspected” to ensure they comply with “federal and state law”.

The company says:

‘Our parks, policies and programmes are overseen by many federal and state laws including The Animal Welfare Act, The Marine Mammal Protection Act and The Endangered Species Act.

‘We operate under the authority of multiple government agencies and are regularly inspected for compliance with federal and state law’.

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