By Kirsty Bachor

2nd December 2019

When a Prince gets married, you want it to be as romantic and magical as a fairytale: true love overcoming all obstacles and the meeting of two people who were always meant to be. Unfortunately, it’s not always as straight forward as a fairytale, and of course – in real life – everybody has a past, and those troublesome exes… Including Prince Harry and his Hollywood bride, who may have encountered some frogs before she found her Prince.

Let’s take a trip down ex-memory lane.

1995 (Aged 14) – Meghan’s Ex: Joshua Silverstein

Markle met Joshua at theatre camp, where the pair had a summer fling.

Eat your heart out, Danny and Sandy.

Meghan Shared Her Very First Kiss With Joshua Silverstein

Joshua is now a professional comedian and appears on The Late, Late Show as a beatboxer.

I wonder if he even remembers kissing a now-Princess? (Surely he does).

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